Beware of Cyber Crime

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Access to Internet has become very easy today and you may be ignorant to break some of the cyber laws and land up in a legal mess, as ignorance of law is not an excuse. Google has opened up numerous avenues and made a host of information easily accessible.

There are certain situations when inadvertently breaking the cyber laws, so beware-

When you are downloading child pornography or someone is using your unsecured network to indulge in these downloading activities, or you could be arrested for sending threatening emails, if they are sent by your unsecured internet network by terrorists or anti social elements. It is illegal to browse, create, and transmit any child pornography. Protect your computer and routers with secured passwords and access control.

You become part of money laundering scheme when you receive an email  to receive money transfers or huge amounts as gifts, that is money laundering, use common sense, if the offer looks generous ask your -self why those running the scheme would wants to share his riches with you.

Beware of Cyber Crime

When you are downloading hard to find music or films so technically you are stealing the property that does not belong to you as copy right acts all over the world are very strict and you may land up behind the bars and a heavy fine may be imposed on you.

Do not join anonymous web communities which are anti national and break the laws and indulge in anti national activities by spreading misleading information regarding a certain Country, or community or caste.

The internet is an easy media to share your views and opinions but do not defame people with your comments as laws of defamation also apply to the internet and you could be sued for large amount.

Someone commits a criminal offence by stealing your data like credit card details, bank account details, passport details, hence use good anti- virus program to protect your computer against Trojan viruses, which can be used to steal your identity.

However, Google once more can help you by providing you with proper information about the latest developments in the cyber space. Hence, it is imperative that you make use of this platform and keep updating yourself on the various means resorted to for tricking gullible victims.


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