Use a Selective process to publish ads in your website

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Your online revenue can enhance to great extent when your webpage holds several ads in it. But sometimes this idea can be a false concept also. Every time an ad-loaded website may not be a revenue-loaded one. This might be an out-of-the-box advice, but this is actually a golden tip for ad publishing that recently hit the headlines.

Users are often driven away from a webpage when they find it laden with ads. There is no doubt that ads earn you money, but you can’t put your online reputation at stake by showing innumerable ads on your webpage.

Ad network like Google’ Adsense often apply complicated algorithms to decide upon the issue of publishing ads in a specific site and how much will fee will be charged for to advertisers for every single click. Adsense utilizes the real-time system of auction that Google prescribe to show ads in the Adsense a lot in a publisher’s website.

There are several issues that are determined by Google regarding ad publishing in a website. The following issues are key factors in determining your Adsense earnings. This is exactly the selection process that Google applies for Adsense.

Publish ads on your website

You should check whether the ads published on your website are relevant to the context of the webpage. You should brain storm to find out the advertisements of services and products that can fit to the content of your website.
It is essential that you make a not of the kind of readers or visitors who are likely to come to your webpage. Keeping this in mind, try to chalk out the ads that are attractive for your visitors. This assessment is helpful as it will increase the probability of click on the ads published on your website. The type of ads that fit to this category will become the potential ads for you.

Once you have found the list of potential ads for your website, the next task is to separate out the ads that are less likely to entice a visitor for a click. Now it is the time to do a little calculation to work out if an ad, which is less likely to be clicked, could in reality earn the respective publisher more money, despite the fact that it has lower chances of getting clicked.

And after all the above calculations, it needs to be determined that whether the selected advertiser is ahead or behind the schedule for the sum of money the advertiser have been charged from their daily advertisement budget that particular day. If they’re found to stay too far ahead of the schedule, then Google’s Adsense system ignores their ads and the whole selection process starts all over again.

The above calculation may sound extremely complicated but to stay in the business and reap profit this needs to be done. You might take hours to judge in the aforementioned way but once you apply it in your online business, it will create wonders in terms of profitability.

QueryAds- The Next Tool After Adsense To Make Money!

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Millions of businesses are getting online and the one most prominent amongst them is the google adsense business, it doesn’t cost you much, just a simple procedure and you are all set to fly high with google dollars. Ours is a simple yet progressive site, helping all the adsense users to try our latest product that is Query Ads it is connected to Google Adsense, we help you monetize your website and help you to improve or bring in more search engine traffic to your site. We are new to the market and so we don’t have much of advertisers but as time will progress, we are sure to bring you the best advertisers and rake in some real good money. As in real world, marketers have to play real hard to sell their wares, its not the case when you go online, pick up your own industry, have your website in place, a proper SEO team and a good ranking in search engines is all it takes to make money by sitting at the comfort of your home.

We are unique and so do you, each business has its own importance and terms and conditions, right now we are looking out for an established publishers who have more than 5 to 10 thousand of search engine traffic on their site, per month. Making money over internet is not difficult, unless you know the real way to make it, this is specially to all the publishers who are planning to earn even more money, you can make use of Query ads which are becoming really popular, this will bring you an added source of income. No matter, whatever industry you might belong to, just a website and a good traffic to boost is all it takes to make money online, you can do your usual business and keep getting an added source of income that will multiply your income.


A particular product ad, targets a particular category of audience, these advertisers are big brands and will pay you good premium for targeted audience, and thus it’s a win-win for both the site, earn money unlimited through QueryAds. The search engine traffic has a very high conversion rate and thus are helping the publishers by utilizing their resources on QueryAds, you will be able to see the actual key words advertisers are looking for, save your time and proceed ahead!

The QueryAds system has been designed in such a manner so as to give maximum benefits to you, it automatically selects the keywords for your advertiser’s campaign, the keywords, which are highly popular on all the search engines. There are absolutely no chances of your campaign going wrong, as your advertisers will need to craft their ad campaigns in accordance with the keywords that will get selected by the system. This will generate more traffic and the best feature is, you get emails for every new relevant keyword, which are generated. You stay updated, with minutest of changes made to our working system, may it be the algorithms or some great wave which is expected to come or some advertisers who may be just looking out for you, so come and join us today and help us grow even bigger and better, to serve you the BEST!

Are In Text Ads To Be Landed In New Window?

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This is one of the most common questions I have come across from publishers, yes, this is possible – technically a new browser can be opened for in text ads but I had suggest NOT TO FOLLOW IT. Avoid opening the ads in new window unless you really want to, lets discuss few of the related points which might change your decision for positive. A new window is a window that opens by clicking on a hyperlink, when you put an in text ads, you have 2 options either to open the ad in the same window thereby replacing the current page or by opening it in a new window. You have to configure your options while programming the in text ads, even if you design to open up the ad in a new window think logically, whether are your audience going to stay there forever?

Most of you might say, NO – they will search over your site and if not satisfactory are going to switch to another site. Prepare yourself mentally to expect the unfortunate, they might have several reasons not to stay logged on to your site and give them a break, they are at least the visitors not a paid members to stay tuned to your site 24×7. They are going to leave your site anyway so why not give your visitor a pleasant real experience for exit, there is no point in letting your visitors stay in your site by technical compulsions, open up and let them do what they wish!

Understand that it’s a business world and you got to be practical, as much as you love your site, the people on your site love other sites too so let them leave without any compulsions rather let them enjoy their exit period from the site by making them click on a relevant ad that may fetch you some cents. Each click fetches you some money that is the major reason why advertisers pay you on each click, there is much deeper planning which goes inside the advertisers mind when he planned for landing pages or ads or the advertising budget, you have to understand the fact that everybody needs profit so stay calm. The website publisher would want to open an ad in a new window with the sole reason of not loosing the visitor on the site and that is what the advertiser wants, you make it easier for them by making the visitor leave the ad landing page and go back to your page, your advertiser might get hurt and as a result they would not like to work with you for a longer period of time.

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When you let the in text ad open in the same window you are allowing the user to enjoy the natural web surfing experience and sometimes the user might get annoyed of landing them in an altogether different page, and with this experience would never want to come back to your site again. If the ad is opened up in the same window there is not confusion of switching to different ads or tabs, the visitor will see the advertisement and if he is not interested in the ad he might well come back to the previous page he was working on by clicking the most favorite “BACK button”. Give your visitors a pleasant experience when they are on your site and make them love it the natural way rather than putting any technical compulsions of getting transferred to different pages for you own selfish motives. In text ads are gaining great popularity as it doesn’t interfere with the working processes of your audience, only when they hover their mouse on in text ads with double underline word, they get to see a bubble with initial ads and if he gets interested he can click on the bubble that will land him on advertisers page – its always a good practice to give a sober look to your website by avoiding glittering, animated textual messages or banners.

You just got to have one aim and motive, that your visitor should not leave your site out of frustration, let them leave your site in a happy mood so that they can refer back the site to relatives or friends or for personal reference. The back button is one of the most powerful tools in your web browser that can undo the do, so relax and let people enjoy the site and ads on the same page.

What Actually Goes Into Putting In-Text Ads In Your Website?

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So you are all set to make your website monetized and ready to set off to earn big money through our latest achievements, the one and only In Text Ads! As our computer system works on our commands and directions so does the technical aspect of a program runs as per the commands we write in programming languages. Putting In Text ads might seem like easy, but lots of research and analyzing work goes in to preparing the perfect page to be visible to the audience. When you put in text ads in your textual content, the programming algorithm highlights the keywords that match the content of your site and the advertising words that can be put in. But there is one trick to this, you know your content well than any thing or any one else, so there is surely some way out to improve on in text algorithm and you can see good results coming on your way to monetizing your website. You have to recognize the areas and understand the terms well.

As much as putting in text ads in your web page sounds interesting, there are certain things you need to keep in mind like avoiding some areas in your website to put in text ads these are fixed content areas like headers and footers and also the navigation bars, repeating sections like comment area, forum area, etc., fixed content pages – those includes the about us and contact pages. Come on, lets know the truth rather than hiding behind the bushes expecting something to happen by our own silly moves, when your audience is visiting your contact page, they are obviously not going to click on ads listed in the footer and if at all they do it, it must be mistakenly – there are more chances they getting annoyed and will directly hit the back button without ever giving a second thought and they might never want to visit your site again altogether so the best advice I can give you to stop annoying your site audience.

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The number of in text ads put in a hook on a certain web page is set to a limited number so there is no point in highlighting them as the visitors will hardly regard or click on them, it’s a mere waste of hooks and also your resources. With such misplaced hooks you may be losing out the money your site can make through monetization. In the world of blogging, what you write matters but you should also take care not to use some keywords or terms, leave it up on to the computer algorithm to decide on it. There are some repeated words or functions in your webpage but they are not at all relevant to the ad links like the automated text and the names of people, places, general names.

You site gets recognition by the content your write, I have often come across people complaining me how some keywords caused them hell lots of problem. It so happens, lets take an example of your site, your site is a health info site and you are talking about measures to avoid drugs and its but natural you are going to use them a number of times what happens is that the ad in text algorithm can recognize, drugs as the subject of the page and it could merely disregard the negative context of the page and sometimes the opposite might happen even if the ad went through a filtering process.

Avoid putting misleading ad links, if your website caters to offering downloads to people, its natural it will have

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“download tags” around the page, these are the part of the page content so the algorithm might highlight these terms as ads and the visitors might click over them for downloads, such cases offer a double trouble as you loose out on download click and also the advertisers will get a mistaken click which will fetch you low quality feedback and lose of revenue in longer run.

Every site has some or the other harmful terms or words which you might use it unknowingly, think about your site as to which keywords should be better left alone and get going with good rewards. Choose better in text ads that will match well with your content and avoid certain unwanted keywords and areas which might seem dangerous, let the in text ads algorithm decide on choosing the keywords that will increase your money making potential for the website. Prepare your own black list of words, those, which you strictly would avoid, putting in your content, keep editing it every one month as you progress ahead and see an increasing money spiral on your site.

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