China Blames America For Most Cyber Attacks

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China holds the United States of America responsible for most of the cyber attacks which occurred against the military network. The Ministry of National Defense of China has noticed a substantial increase in the cyber attacks on military sites in the recent years. They have come to this conclusion after making note of the IP addresses which has revealed that an average of 144,000 cyber attacks have taken place every month in the year 2012. Not leaving it at that, China also claims that US is responsible for almost 63% of these attacks.

This seems to be a counter allegation from Beijing as recently a US security firm Mandiant which blamed the Chinese army for the attacks which had occurred against the US. They further claimed that they possessed the forensic evidence of the same. They also proved the same and had traced a location outside Shanghai to a Chinese hacking group.

China Blames America For Most Cyber Attacks
The Government of China however has been quick in its denial. A Defense Ministry Rep has opposed this and stated that it was not impossible to steal IP addresses. Yansheng further claimed that the world was not ignorant of the hacking attacks caused by usurped IP addresses globally.

Seeing the response and the reactions from China, it is only evident that China is playing a blame game to avenge the US accusations of the same.


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