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Motivation plays very important role in organization especially when the individuals are go-getters in their respective fields. Its quite a tedious task for some but for a person who knows what he should be expecting from his team or what ideally he should be getting from his team well knows how to bring that motivational power in his team. Recently as per the observation by Entrepreneur university its come to know that Howard Shore have been maintaining the track record in the work of helping organizations which can accelerate their profit and revenue whose profits exceed to over 20% annually, he has even helped executives and also the sales person to increase their personal wealth and success rate.

motivation - Motivating StaffToday in this article we are going to have some of the tips that Howard will share with us relating to motivating staff. We definitely know about today’s business environment, in any field there is so much competition, its become a necessity to stay in competition and with competition to stay ahead in life, we have to find the ways that will make our organizational resources more productive. Any organization or any company the most expensive is the human resource, we, the people who make the organization, if we stop running so will the company so we see it takes days of hard work to create the processes and varied conditions to bind with to run an organization which will motivate our staff or employees.

In my years of being an executive I have seen many a leaders or team players finding out and trying various ways which will motivate their staff, their people to make their performance at higher levels. At all stages, you are surely going to face frustration because of the levels of expectations we people have of each other or the person whom we follow. This is going to reflect the people of organizations, the way their managerial staff proceeds with actions which are of paramount importance to organizations. Motivation is not something external it has to be from within, it’s the personal desire of an individual to reach their goals which are important to organizations and individuals. Motivation is the driving force which always prompts you to take necessary actions.

Since years people have been finding ways to try deciding factors which will increase their company’s productivity, but how do one accomplish this objective, there are factors like pay scale, other fringe benefits and working conditions that play a major role in increasing the productivity of the company unless these conditions are proper the employees of the company wouldn’t be much motivated to give to their fullest capabilities. These factors are important from short term point of view, there are factors which are of long range effects, these are the recognition to your employees for the jobs well done, the growth in the company, the challenges which they face, the participation, their sense of achievement, identification of company’s vision and goals.

There are many such factors which matters in running a company successfully, still leaders and managers of companies keep finding ways which will motivate their employees through incentives. Some managers might think the fear factor as the best way for motivating their employees but they fail to understand that fear brings negativity and through fear they might do overtime but that will decrease their quality, commitment and also the productivity levels. The fear in employees is good motivating factor but it doesn’t work for longer run as employees develop attitude towards their work and also it doesn’t yield any good positive signs of productivity. If we count on incentive, then that might be a good positive motivating factor for employees and they will try to give their best in achieving their targets. But sometimes monetary motivation to employees may yield diminishing returns, as every time employee gets good compensation, they expect it every time and also there is disconnect and miscommunication between the employees and employer regarding the pay scale. And as time passes on, the employees start expecting more prestige, power, growth, respect and knowledge of the things which are much higher than actually what they should be getting, these are some of the things that governs their motivation internally.

Given below are some of the points or ideas that are useful for long term motivational point of view, go through them and you will find these are really useful:

  1. In the organization always carry a clear vision for your employees, the targets which they are supposed to achieve, make sure that all of your employees understand what you expect out of them and tell them that they need to contribute in achieving all the organizational goals stated.
  2. You can help employees in understanding the objectives by communicating clear and detail department wise objectives and ask them how can they help you with certain objectives of the department.
  3. If you are a manager then compliment each of your weekly reports that will encourage your employees to do more.
  4. You can also go on to develop employee retention which may be the primary objective of all the managers in the organizations and don’t forget to reward them every time they achieve their objectives.
  5. For expertise, ask your employees for suggestions or advice, they might be the best people to give you suggestions then professionals.
  6. For goal setting of your department, you can invite employees from all the level of the company and also in planning different processes which will give you good results.
  7. You can let each of your employee what you expect out of them and you can make arrangements for the things that will make them successful in their work.
  8. If you are truly a manager of your cadre then you can implement the servant leader approach which means be ready for your employees rather than they being there for you,
  9. In an organization, its really necessary to treat everyone with utter respect and dignity, no employee should be offended by anyone or anything.
  10. Be there to support your employees and back their decisions every time the need be.
  11. If your employees make any sort of mistakes then encourage them the next to learn from their mistakes and excel ahead.
  12. Listening carefully to what your employees has to say makes a lot of difference as it will avoid miscommunication and also your employees will feel the importance given and that will motivate them indirectly, also take interests in opinions or concerns by the other people in the department.
  13. You can arrange for individual meetings with your employees and help them in clarifying you’re their goals, their organizational values and also help them with assistance, if needed.
  14. Find different ways that will enrich the working conditions of your employees by giving them control over things and authority of taking decisions.
  15. Make your employees feel comfortable and at ease in the office hours.

Other than the above given points, if you feel strongly about any of other points, or want to state your views regarding the points, feel free to write your comments on the topic.