A Typical Day In Bloggers Life!

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Do you think the life of bloggers is as much easy like that of a child only because we are writing blogs sitting at the comfort of home, think again, sitting back at home means we do double the work. It’s been now years I have been continuously blogging without a single break and I do need a break, I feel like breaking down somewhere and that is you whom I can talk to. Working full time as a blogger is not an easy task; there is so much that goes on to writing a perfect blog that will attract attention. I have blogged about various topics and events in life, do you think that comes easy to anyone, sitting to write a blog I should be having perfect information, the actual facts which I can tell people.

bloggers lifeA typical day begins right in the morning at 6:00 am sharp, I have always advised my readers whether they are blogging part time or full time to write the blogs with fresh minds and what better time than mornings! In the back of my mind when I am watching TV at night, I continuously think over the topics which I want to write about and gather information at first hand so that my audience would be interested in my blogs. It’s just not about earning money, for passionate bloggers, they wont leave a minute details describing everything that they know and help you picturise the actual facts of the things. That is how a real blogger is with all the details in his/her kitty they will never fail to give you knowledge of everything that they know.

We spend even double the time you might be spending in front of your notebook. I know what it takes to be eye candy in people’s eye, you have to show your worth otherwise you are no where in the market of this utter competition. Most of the times, I research about the topics and come out with superior stuff I could share with my reader and sponsors always want to reach out to the maximum people I can and hosting a site is after all not free, optimizing it, maintaining it and put regular replies, you have to be awake with 4 open eyes to be at the top slots.

I remember, the days of my anxieties and till today I feel the same thrills putting up any new topic thinking over the response that I would get, the comments people would put in or some sponsor knocking in, etc. we bloggers have a time table of each day and each week, the topics that we write, maintain a to-do for a blog, what we are going to write in it and also write scheduled posts if time permits -  this is at least of what I follow religiously as a blogger and I feel every blogger should have planned things to be successful in life.

As a blogger, I have not found a single day in which I was not working, things came up and I had sat for writing, not out of compulsion but my passion drove me to start working almost anywhere, any time in whatever condition. But telling you the fact, I am very happy about the way it is going, I am happy that I have come to this position today because of my struggles and the strict rules that I follow. Writing scheduled posts gives me good kick as these are going to save me when I am out for some work, your blog have to have fresh content every 2 days or max a week’s time.

The life of a blogger has become a routine for me, like everyone else’s office duty this is my duty as I said. The biggest of all advantages is the flexible hours I can work through, remember some people have mood swings and so they cannot concentrate on their work, luckily I am saved from it even if I am not feeling good about something I make around when I am complete with fresh mind and fresh ideas.

You can share in your experiences or give tips or suggestions for my readers!

Blogging Tips For Blog Success – Part II

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By now, I hope you are quite well versed with the topics I discussed with you last time, for passionate bloggers I sincerely hope that you might have well already implemented things in your blogging business. Time and again I keep telling people, not to perceive the idea of blogging as making money, you will get when its due, for now, you should simply concentrate how creative you can be and how you can attract people in to reading your articles, furthermore, I blogging successwould like to state few more things that can really help you:

  1. Start blogging with the intention of long term plans, just don’t start with blogs just because you don’t have anything at present. Some bloggers leave blogging because they see no income is pouring in, but let me be clear, blogging doesn’t give returns in a single day, it might take weeks, months to pick up traffic on your site. if you are real fanatic about writing blogs then head out, and have no intention of earning money, when you are selfless of anything you will see how dollars pour in! don’t just count days that you started your blogs, come with fresh content each day on your blogs that is all for you to get going.
  2. Its fun when you are interact with people over the blogs, they get to know you better and you also get to know who your loyal readers are. May whatever you should blog about, touch people’s heart by your written words, today the fast paced life has made us so easy, a king word, a word of sympathy and caring words might just make someone’s day so make people around you smile and make a difference to your world of blogs. Remember, you are on blogs networks because you have to serve people with problems, or for the people who are looking for some product info, or write a review of some movie or help some cope up with stressful life. A person cant stand lonely for long time, they need interaction, when you interact you know more and helps both the parties to understand each other better, it’s a win-win situation for all.
  3. Being personal is not any offense as far as you really write an offensive stuff about some entity, by this I mean you can give a personal touch in your message to your audience through which they will feel important and wanted and that is fact if you don’t have audience who will read your blogs, engage yourself with them and blog that will let them feel so close to your blogs. Connect with people and let them know your real self, people are just not thirsty of words, they need a kind support and good friend too, you can be one of them!
  4. Once when you have started with your blogs, its not enough to stay back and keep writing, your blog needs new fresh stuff to be written each it could be about current events, celebrity events, new products launches, reviews and interviews of big company officials, etc. but that can happen only if you step out of the house and meet people. no one is going to come and give you a ready first-hand information which you will publish, ofcourse, you can even get them through online news but when you personally go and feel and see and meet, it makes all the difference in the way that you will write your blogs. Don’t be a spoil sport of things, head out and socialize, participate in events and attend bloggers gatherings that will give you new insights of things happening around you.
  5. Building your brand is not easy but also not impossible, it becomes easier when you brand yourself, now this doesn’t mean you need to advertise about your blogs, but you can create it yourself by working sincerely for your blogs. A work becomes famous only when its attractive and people will get attracted only when its worth reading, so write creative stuff and let people enjoy your readings. Don’t go on searching for the loyal people who will read your blogs regularly instead concentrate on making a positive impression in front of them that will attract them more to you and your blogs.

There are very few things to be a successful blogger, but you have to concentrate achieving them, don’t leave the path unfinished if you don’t see people coming, don’t be either nervous or disappointed, believe in yourself and be creative always. Read my next blog post for blog success.

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