Stop Worrying About Useless Things

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Blogging is really a simple task if you stop worrying about few things. Though they were the only things when I started this blog, I realized it’s just adding more to my stress. The day I stopped thinking about those things, wow, what I life it turned out to be.

So, what is it I am asking you to stop worrying about?

1.    Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank

Though most of us are not bothered about it much now, it was the only thing people were concerned about when I first started blogging. I still remember I used to add numerous back links to improver my page rank. Alright, it’s a must for you to think about it now if you intend to sell your domain name. If you don’t, trust me, forget about it. The more you worry about it, the more you will affect the quality of the content on your blog.

2.    Negative People
I don’t like to recall my past days when I started this blog. As a starter I was afraid to face negative people, negative comments, and negative feedback about my blog. If someone would disagree to what I wrote in my blog, that’s it; it was the end of the world for me. The only reason why I feared them was my ignorance about how it could have helped me.

If all you readers agree with you, then either you are writing about something that has been talked about over and over again since decades, or you don’t have a distinct viewpoint about it. Stop worrying about it. Keep writing. Everyone has their viewpoint, brain to think about it, and freedom to express. There is nothing to be disheartened about it.

3.    Competition


Competition is in every field these days. And if you don’t want to face them, travel to moon. You would always be on the top there, because there wouldn’t be any bloggers to compete with, nor readers to read your posts.

Or look at it this way: If you have 50 bloggers ahead of you in competition, you would strive to be the best, and eventually the quality of your blog will improve dramatically. Don’t worry about them, make them all friends.

4.    Content Theft
Many of us worry about it very much. Okay, let me tell you there is nothing to worry about it. Most search engines have a way to track stolen content, and differentiate the original from the duplicate. Moreover, if someone copies you content, it would affect their site radically. So, what are you actually afraid of? Keep writing original article and people would eventually appreciate you.

5.    Marketing Your Blog
Don’t take it up a compulsive job. Marketing your blog today is more fun than ever. You can start with simply tweeting about it, and follow people. Or by commenting on other blogs. And probably by thousand other ways. Pick the ones that you love doing, and marketing your blog would be your favorite hobby.

Forget about how many people are visiting your blog, forget about how many dollars are you making, and forget about all the worries related to your blog. You blogging life would become much easier than it formerly was.


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  1. vijay on April 28th, 2010 4:35 am

    Original articles always drives our sites to search results.Thanks for a great post chris.


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