Tips To Become A Successful Business-man

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Everyone has different searches. A business-man is aiming Money; A Spiritual Person is looking for the inner-soul awareness; a child is starving for getting passed, a youngster is wandering for a girl-friend. Everyone in the world is in a search of so many things. But, there is one thing in common that every one of us is searching, SUCCESS!!

to become a successful business-man

This 7 letter word is having immense importance. The prime target of every single person is to attain the relaxed life and to gain that you need to have Money. For money, you need success in whatever you are doing. But what you need for success? Have you ever thought about it? People tend to change their jobs and are attracted by some of the money making tools but, no one knows that for being a successful money maker you don’t need a good business. You don’t even need a stellar education through online MBA programs either. You need to make your business good! Let’s start the journey of earning successfully in whatever business we are making.

  1. Double your interaction with people: If you want to get success, start talking with people. Create your impression in the minds of others by being good to them. Talk more frequently, talk about your business, newer opportunities, their business, plans of earning more and also ways for that, make an identity of yours and have a good communication with all of your surroundings. If you have got some good proposals, go to meet the superior business makers of yours. Persuade them to help you, show them you’re potential, convince them about your talent and make them ready to deal with you. Get company of successful people, talk with them, learn from them, improve yourself and have a continuous touch with them to make a perfect communication chain with the successful people.
  2. Put a sugar cube on your tongue: A sweet talking person has many friends and no enemies. Once you are through in the hearts of people, you are through for your business opportunities. Never think of the short future and break relations, develop relations for no reason and you’ll find that you’ve created a huge circle of yours that can make you a successful business-man with the help, experience and tips. So, eat less sweet to avoid Diabetes and speak sweeter to get success.
  3. Put an Ice cube on your head: In the communication with people you need to be a cool guy. Cool nature impresses more than the aggressive one. Remember, aggression is always required in business, but not the aggressiveness. Even if some one hurts your business, or criticise your way of work, don’t make anger towards them as we need to see them as the teacher of our life, not the destroyer!! Even the smallest child has so many things to teach you, only if we are cool. So, no frustration, no stress and no anger are the three most impactive attitudes of a successful business-man.
  4. Sell you, before the product: Almost everyone in the world is rushing towards selling their products. Everyone wants to get millionaire by selling the products fast and furiously. But, very few of them know that one of the most decisive factors of buying for any one is the Emotional Boning. If you create an emotional bonding with the people, they will defiantly increase your business in many ways. Also the client will be having an undisputed faith on you. But the emotional bondings are created not by selling the products by announcing different features but only by selling your self to the persons. Start interacting with people, talk at the right time, talk according to their preferences, create a mood of them for communicate with you, call them by names, talk about your backgroung, thoughts and also about your goals and aims in the life. Ask them the same, make them to speak and share and then gradually sell your product.
  5. Start rendering smaller profits: Try to get smaller profits by selling the smaller products to the immediate customers. Remember, if you have money in hands, you’ll be able to think better and broader. So, just in order to make the better future, just create the sources of money which can at least nullify your expenses. This smaller profit has big importance in the long run. So, think big but never hesitate to earn even the smaller.
  6. Promote Upgradation of the Customer: Never dream that all of a sudden thousands of clients will come at your doorstep and will ask you to increase your sell. Just believe that within the same cliental you need to improve your business. Start upgrading the cliental to increase your turnover and also to earn more. To upgrade them you need two things, Technical knowledge and Persuading quality. Convince the people by the benefits of the better product and talk with the language that suits the customer, not you. Set a target of the Business of the day and your mouth will defiantly start up to get the desired.
  7. See dreams but never be in dreams: It’s necessary that everyone should have a dream or target, but it is must that everyone should live practically. You think those things that are practical, rather than to dream big. Dreams should be the motivational factor not the activational!! So, keep your eyes wide open to see the goals that you’ve seen with the closed eyes.
  8. Melt your Ego: For communicating and interacting with everyone, it’s very necessary to melt your ego first. Be polite and soft enough to attract everyone’s attraction. It’s said that Ego is like underwear, you need to have it, but no need to show it!!

So, never depress and frustrate anyone with your ego. Let some things go and learn the art of adjustments with smaller things. You’ll earn more from the life!!

Remember these tips and I am sure that the success will search your address and will kiss your feet. Whatever we have applied for the betterment, is shared with you. It would be glad if they help you also. Make life stress-free and have the business-life successful!!


8 Responses to “Tips To Become A Successful Business-man”

  1. Nomar on August 18th, 2009 8:44 am

    good tips you wrote here! It what its all about :)
    .-= Nomar´s last blog ..Personal Growth and Motivation =-.


  2. Stefan on August 19th, 2009 5:58 am

    I tried to emphasis on one particularity point but I think everyone are extremely important. Two of the most important things is to do evil and always stay cool and think twice before acting. If not, you will end up regretting a lot of things.
    .-= Stefan´s last blog ..How to Install WordPress on Hostgator =-.


  3. Becky on August 19th, 2009 10:48 pm

    Great advice thank you. I also have to say that Stefan’s comment about thinking twice before acting is very essential! Another one that I like, that I picked up by reading Jack Hatfield’s latest book titled, “Natural Success Principles,” is a little saying that goes something like.. Visualize all your success in the mirror before you get off to work. Just simply hoping things will happen will not make it so. Picked up a lot of great advice from this book, but these two sentences really hit me.
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..beckybooks: Getting ready for my nieces’ wedding tomorrow. Have so much to do!! =-.


  4. RSK on September 1st, 2009 4:57 pm

    Good article.. TQ for sharing..!
    .-= RSK´s last blog ..Early Pregnancy… =-.


  5. nirex on November 30th, 2009 9:29 pm

    a very good articles.. it enhances my knowledge about the business… business ethics…I am showing some points of the qualities of good businessman. the good businessman is a smart worker,risk assuming,goal oriented,well informed,performance oriented,exploiting opportunities,unbeliever of mystical forces,dynamic and stead fast.these qualities are the good qualities of good business man.


  6. RAJ on March 19th, 2010 5:56 am

    he! you write very good about success. in my mind there are double thinking about success but after read this i am come to know how to get it.


  7. waqar ahmed on October 13th, 2010 5:30 am

    My Name is Waqar Ahmed. I am a business man. I don’t know about you.
    but your tips are very much helpful for me, i was a little stressed and very much upset. but after reading your blog, i get know what can i do more for my life & for my business.
    Thank you.!


    Muhammad Noman Reply:

    This is Muhammad Noman from Pakistan and i m really glad after reading your tips because few days ago i was started a little business in my locality after one month i was windup and the reason is so simple i don’t know about the business before starting my business i was doing job in a private bank, now i really motivate with your tips please pray for me that i will start my business again with your business tips.

    Muhammad Noman


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