AdWords Lead Generation: Secret #2

June 12, 2019

Secret number 2. How to create ads that dominate the top of Google’s search results. Most local business owners think it takes forever to get to the top of Google’s search results and that paid ads are too expensive. And that’s true. If you’re relying on search engine optimization it can take forever to get to the top of results and if you don’t know what you’re doing in AdWords paid ads probably are too expensive. But you can actually pay profitably to get to the top of Google’s search results and you can be the most attention-grabbing business on the page within hours.

Ok so what do I mean. I’m not talking about paying Google to organically get to the top ok. Organic is organic traffic that takes time that’s not something I’m going to be teaching you about now. I’m teaching about paid traffic which shows up above organic traffic even if you have the number one organic result on the page there are still going to be ads above yours. So by focusing on quality traffic like I talked about in secret number one, you can afford to invest more per click which will move your ads further up the page. Now once your ads are further up the page, or really wherever they are on the page, this is still going to apply. Expanded text ads URL paths and ad extensions let you include more information in your ads and help you take up more real estate on the Google search results page.

I’ll talk about expanded text ads really quick this is a change almost a year ago now. Google switched from one-headline ads to two-headline ads. Almost everyone has updated this at this time but I’m still seeing accounts that are using the old version of the ad with just one headline so if that’s you if your ads only have one headline make sure you go update that. I’m going to talk more about how you can take up more real estate on the page using ad extensions. So if you go to your campaign and click on the ad extensions tab you’ll see the possible ad extensions that you can add. There’s a dropdown here and this is where you can add all of the things that I’m about to talk about. This… this is an ad that came up… I talked earlier about Ethan the martial arts instructor. This is an ad for his campaign that I made and you can see it’s highlighted in green here.

This isn’t actually how it would look on Google but this is a preview there’s a preview tool within Adwords so I use that to search for the ad and then it shows me what it would look like. So anyway there wouldn’t normally be this green box around it but you can see when I search one of his main keywords “kickboxing richmond va” this is his ad and it’s taking up like 30% of the results page right. You can see the headline up here his phone number’s in the ad. The description and then these are some ad extensions these are callout extensions here free nutrition advice member laundry. This extension here is a review extension. Now review extensions are something not many people are using is anyone here using review extensions in their ad? Let me know if you are.

Okay again I know there’s a delay in the comments here I’m not seeing anyone yet that’s using them I’m sure a couple of you are but review extensions you can see how this makes the ad stand out and gives it some authority here this is information coming from a local publication Richmond Biz Sense. If you click on this this would be clickable and to add the Richmond Biz Sense that would take you to the article that this is being quoted from and that’s a click that you actually wouldn’t be charged for okay but this is a review extension. So a review extension is something that comes from a third-party source. It cannot be something like a review that a customer left you on Google or Yelp that’s not what this is for.

I have seen campaigns that are using customer reviews and the review extension those are supposed to get disapproved by Google but that doesn’t always happen so I have seen people put customer reviews here but what this is supposed to be is a there’s a review from a third-party publication or magazine or something like that. And you can see this isn’t even much of a review it just says what the company offers private fitness training in group classes. This article was just a dry… really dry article talking about what the company offered and there wasn’t much for me to use there as far as pulling out like a really good positive review but even just this neutral sentence that I was able to pull out from that review I added it as a review extension and it gives the add a lot more Authority. Okay if you’re not using review extensions look for articles about your business and see what you can pull out a really easy thing you can do if your business is on the Better Business Bureau website.

Google will allow you to use that so the review would just say “A Plus Rating” or “A Rating – Better Business Bureau” If your rating’s lower than an A you probably should not you should not use that to work and bringing that up but that’s a really easy review extension to add if you don’t have anything else. Let me go back here, the last extensions on this ad our price extensions. Here’s another extension it’s pretty new I don’t remember how new definitely within the last six months I think these came out but you can see these let you list different services and different prices for these services.

So this helps to add stand out even more. Okay here’s another ad for the kickboxing campaign. So in this ad here’s the headline again the description the callout extensions again the callout extensions you can see they’re separated by like little bullet points. And then this ad is showing the address and the hours. To get the address here it is…we’re linking this to the Google Places account the Google Business account. So then they’re able to display the hours here for people searching. And then below that these are sitelink extensions. These if you click on these will take you to a specific page of the website and again you can see how much this ad stands out…even the ad below it is not a horrible ad. Like, they’re using ad extensions it’s not a bad ad but to just compare the sitelinks here so the competitor ad below says kickboxing classes boxing classes personal training MMA classes.

Okay first of all if I’m searching for a kickboxing gym I should not be seeing things about boxing and MMA ok this ad should be more tailored specifically for kickboxing. But second of all the sitelink extensions themselves most people aren’t going to click on these they will read them but they’re still going to click on the headline of the ad so since they’re just going to read them and they’re not going to click on them what you want are sitelinks like these that actually tell you more about the business.

Ok here’s a call-to-action “call now” this talks about body composition analysis 8,000 square foot facility. These are these are telling you more about the business without having to click on the ad and if you look at enough ads you’ll see that hardly anyone does it like this. Most sitelink extensions are just the title of the page that they’re linking to but this is a much more effective way to do it. And then you can see in this ad I’ve done some filtering ok going back to Secret Number One…I’ve said the classes are every Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday so hopefully if those times would not work for someone they wouldn’t bother to click on the ad we want people to click on the ad who would be able to actually come to the classes when we have them.

So that’s another way to use your ad copy to filter. Now here is what the ad looks like on mobile. So again this is the preview tool and Google’s showing me what this would look like on an iOS device and on this result this ad is taking up the entire screen the entire… someone’s entire screen is this ad right? Here’s our headline our description they’re showing one sitelink. These are the price extensions which this is a carousel so someone can swipe their finger and it will show all of them. And then the phone number and the address. So for someone to even find anything else in these results they have to see this ad they have to scroll past it that is how you dominate the top of the results okay you use extensions and you’re going to dominate. Now one more thing about extensions not only do you need to be using them you also need to be testing them. There are so many available extensions right now that Google can’t show them all.

So if you are using every type of extension the Google system is just going to kind of pick and choose which ones to show when. So in general you should always include call extensions sitelink extensions and if you have a business that people that people go to then you would include your location extension as an address. The extensions you would want to test are callouts, review, price, and structured snippets. Now there’s no where to go get a side-by-side test and and compare these results side-by-side so you need to actually go to each extension in your account and look at what the results are okay what is what is the click-through rate and ideally what are your…

What’s your cost per conversion when each extension is being shown. Okay you look at your data Google is going to give you the data for all of the searches that a particular extension was shown. So make sure you’re testing your extensions. Now once you find extensions that aren’t working for you you need to go take another step. Now if you don’t have extensions in your account Google has what they call automated extensions. Where they actually go to your website and generate extensions for you. Okay they’re called automated extensions. Now if you go back to the add extensions tab in that dropdown menu there’s an option that says “view automated extensions report.” If your account has been showing any automated extensions you’ll see that data right here there’s no data like that in this example and then below that there’s a option for automated extension options.

Okay this is where you can exclude automated extensions… which if you’ve if you’ve looked at your data you found that structured snippets aren’t doing as well as your other extensions so you remove structured snippet extensions from your campaign, now you need to go here and exclude structured snippets extensions here – right here “dynamic structured snippets” if you don’t do that…. If all you do is remove the ad extensions that you added now Google is just going to go find snippets of their own and add them themselves.

You’ve lost that control. So I’d actually recommend going here and just opting out of all of these extensions so you keep control of what’s going on in your account .

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