Anthem: Finally EXPOSED! + Bioware’s Response!

June 12, 2019

*quiet slurping* Well, We always wanted to know what happened with Anthem And Now, due to an Article that just came out guys, we now know what happened to Anthem What happened? So, We’ve had our theories, and this kinda confirms, some of them. WE GOT IT RIGHT Most of them (Both: Joe) We got it f***ing right. It seems like everything that could have possibly gone wrong, went wrong. And first off, I wanna give full credit to Jason Schreier, of Kotaku. And I Know, Kotaku, but Jason, does good work, he’s a journalist, he actually researches these. He’s got a verification from 19 different staffers of BioWare He’s put together a lot of interviews and stories from people that have worked there From people that have worked along side there, and everything.

In order to put together some pieces, and actually figured out What the h*** happened with Anthem. Which is something I’ve always wanted to know. And now, from his article on Kotaku, which I highly recommend It’s a very lengthy article, so we are going to try and go through some of it here with you. But I highly recommend, click the link in the description below. Support him. Give him some thanks for putting the hard work into it like this. Because this is very important to talk about. And the reason why it’s important to talk about is so that lessons are learned from this. .

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