DoFollow Backlinks – What are Do Follow Links?

June 13, 2019

Hello my friends this is professor Hans von puppet and welcome to another special link building tutorial brought to you by SEO rank specialist calm today I want to talk to you about do follow backlinks and specifically what they are my friends easiest way for me to explain do follow backlinks is to explain to you the difference between a nofollow and a do follow backlinks oken fusing all the lingo or the internet what’s the deal with backslash backslash dish backslash that what it’s like a slash I don’t get it anyway simply add nofollow link is a link that search engines do not click through to while a to follow link is 18 a will click through to so if a nofollow link points to your website human visitors that click on that link will be taken to your site but search engines will just ignore it on other here both visitors and search engines will be able to click through to a to follow link okay because of this a nofollow link does very little to help your overall SEO however my friends it is always recommended that you use a number of nofollow links in your back linking plan as well this helps your backlinks look more natural to google and other search engines if a search engine seized that your site has only do follow links pointing to it it may raise a red flag you might get penalized and nobody wants that okay my friends that concludes our special link building tutorial brought to you by SEO rank specialist com of course if you want to best and I mean the best backlinks for your website just click on the link below and get in touch with kieran oh that guy is good he got you to find this site didn’t he mmm think about it

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