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June 13, 2019

– On this episode, we talk a little education, we call Denmark, we did good. (hip hop music) – You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. – Hey everybody, it’s Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 240 of The #AskGaryVee Show. Life is good, focused. Been a very, very interesting kind of weekend. A lot going on in the American political system. You know, team human is how I’ll always be so I’ll address it right away. Who’s this? – Azeem. – Azeem, this is GaryVee and you’re on the #AskGaryVee show. – Oh shit. What’s up Gary? – What’s up man? Where you from? – So I’m from New York, family’s from Pakistan. – Very nice. – Yeah. – So you got a question? – Honestly man, I was just gonna use this time to say I’d love to have coffee with you. I just want to do my hustle as you would. Thought this would be the best way to do it. – I think it’s a really good hustle. I’m not gonna be able to deliver on that because I’m still 700 internal meetings behind but I appreciate the hustle.

– Holy shit. My big thing and this is for everybody, I appreciate Azeem you asking this question. And by the way, much love and thanks for watching the show. – Alright, man. – Keep doing your thing. You know, that’s devastating. Everyone’s like whoa what just happened? I still have 500 internal meetings that I’m supposed to have in this company let alone the outside stuff. So when I say I can’t and I’m not doing these coffees, trust me, I’m devastated that I can’t. My bigger issue is you only have so many hours in a day between family, one of the big things I promised myself in ’17 is to do more internal and less external. I’m trying to do both. I’m hustling. – Hello? – Michael. – Michael, this is GaryVee and you’re on The #AskGaryVee Show. – Yeah, GaryVee a pleasure to speak with you, sir.

– Thank you, man. – You’re a very busy man. We actually got to meet on my 30th birthday in Austin, Texas. You were walking out of your hotel and I was with my wife and my daughter. – Oh man, I remember. That made DailyVee. That was on DailyVee, did you see that? – You know I never saw it. I thought to check but I guess I have to go look at that, that’s cool. – Well, hold on.

You run into me in the street, you see DRock is filming. It’s your 30th birthday, we have this wonderful moment and you decide not to even just glance to see if you made the episode? – I’ll have to look at it. I’ve been keeping pretty busy. – I was actually giving you a compliment. Much respect, keep doing your thing. What’s your question brother? – My question is– – Have your questions ready. – yeah, I’d like to know a little bit about your document don’t create ethos. It’s something we’ve been doing a lot more and I enjoy hearing your general perspective on it. – No problem and I’m glad you’re asking. Thank you so much and I hope everything’s well and it was really nice to run into you. – Well, I appreciate that. – No worries, man. I’m gonna hang up and get to the next one but I love you and stay well. So documenting versus creating. Don’t dial yet. This has been a big breakthrough. So much so as you guys all know ’cause you’ve been watching DailyVee, some of you.

I really am writing a new book called Crushed It! and it’s profiling the people that read Crush It! and crushed it and giving you the update on what I would do if I was a personal brand on Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat or how do you build your personal brand and/or the business around your favorite passion. Be the queen of strawberries or vegan food or tailgating or making candles.

That ethos that has played out even to a greater scale than most people believed, one that I believe so much when I did the first book. This document instead of creating thing is so big that there’s been nights and showers and jam sessions in my own mind over the last month where I’m like should I make that book? Should I quickly sneak in document and don’t create? Do I make that a big ethos of Crushed It!? Here’s the punchline, what I am seeing and so many of you are answering this is people are crippled when they have to create original content but when you actually understand that you and your life are the unique piece of creative, it changes everything. Is everybody interesting? No, I mean the answer is no not to the macro meaning not everybody is destined to become a social media reality star. But so many people are destined that will never start so many people, like look, you don’t have to be the Kardashians, right? You can be some version of it. Here’s what I do know.

There are 1,000 people watching this right now that if they started making Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, Facebook videos and post three or four times a day documenting what they’re doing, eating this lunch, taking my kid to school, this is who my uncle is, this is my sister, this is what I’m into, this is soccer practice. If they started documenting instead of ooh, let me make a video about like how the sun comes up or instead of creating something you just document your actual life. My biggest belief is so many of you should be documenting your journey of becoming an intern, of becoming, moving from college to the real life, going through your divorce, starting your new business. If you document your truth my belief is that there is stunning amount 1,000 of you watching right now who could make as much money and that might be $80,000, that might be $380,000.

You could make as much money documenting your life through all these channels and making monetization through ads, affiliates, sponsorship deals, speaking engagements, books and all the other ancillary things that happen. You could make as much money being you. As much money being Tyler Babin as getting paid at VaynerMedia being Tyler Babin in the production team. Like I just believe that truth. Now that might not be for everybody but it is for a lot of you.

And unlike Tyler Babin, thank God, most of you don’t like your job. He likes it. So that’s what would prevent him and you may love your job and that will prevent you. But if you are sitting here today in 2017 and you are watching this piece of content which means you listen to my themes and care about my stuff and you’re in this ethos. You can start dialing, well then you need to understand what documenting versus creating is. Not everybody’s gonna create that show. You know, it’s a lot easier to make a documentary than “Cheers” if you understand the power of the current platforms and things of that nature. It’s not that documenting is so easy either but just telling your real life on a daily basis super interesting to me and something all of you should at least try.

What’s the cost? A couple leisure hours on bullshit? – Hello, this is Tarek. – Derrick or what? – Tarek. – Tarek. – Tarek. – It’s GaryVee and you’re on the show. – No fucking way. – Yes, bro. – Are you kidding me? – I’m not kidding. I’m fucking real as shit on this. You’re on the show. – I’m dying right now. – Where you from? – My heart is pounding. – I love it. – Oh, I love you Gary. I love you so much. You have no idea. – I love you back, bro. Where you from? – I’m from Denmark. – Love it. – I can’t believe you called all the way to Denmark. – Yeah, we’re going international on this show. We finally figured out how to use this thing and call international so we’re gonna go international heavy for a little while now, catch up. So what’s your question, bro? – Amazing. Thank you so much for the love, man. You shout me out on Instagram not so long ago. – Yep. – Amazing. Sorry, I’m get to the question. – Please. – So, ugh, so nervous right now.

(DRock laughs) Okay, because of you I have decided to go all-in on an idea I had and go to L.A. start out with my friends. And ever since, just give me a sec. – No worries. – I’m so nervous right now. – No worries. Do your thing. It’s just me and you here. – I fucking love you. – I love you back, brother. Let’s do this. So you go to L.A. with your friends.

Have you gone to L.A. yet or not yet? Not yet obviously, we just called Denmark. – I was actually in L.A. and tried to meet you. I went to your office because I wanted to meet you so bad. – (laughs) Was I there? – You weren’t there. You were in L.A. I was kind of stalking you on Snapchat. – No problem. – Trying to figure out where you were. But you weren’t there. I’m positive we’ve got to meet some day. – I’m sure of it. – Anyways,– – Let’s get to this question ’cause if you don’t ask this question in the next 5 seconds, you’re gonna be off the show and I will never meet you. – Oh my God.

Alright, so I’m from Denmark. I’m not an American citizen. – Yes. – I want to go and start up this company in the U.S. – Yes. – It’s difficult. My partner is from the U.S. – Yes. – What we’re trying to do is a new social media platform that’s in fitness and health. And one of the most important things for us right now is trying to make a minimum viable product. But I feel like we’re stuck. What can I do to make this happen? We have the strategy in place. We have a business plan. – What’s the strategy? Fuck a business plan. – Well,– – Your strategy is to make a fitness social network, right? – Yeah, a social media platform within fitness and health. – Right. That’s not a strategy. That’s a thesis.

If you had a strategy, you’d be executing against it and you wouldn’t be asking me this question. So that’s an important– – We’re trying to speak with influencers. – Everybody’s trying to do that. – Exactly, we want to have them on board to have some leverage. – What are you offering them? – We go and, we need to go and speak with investors, right? – What are offering them? – What we’re trying to do is this platform– – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

What are you offering influencers that you’re trying to siphon attention out of their world and want to steal their attention and take it for yourself selfishly, what are you offering them to be a part of this? – We’re trying to offer them like, oh my God this is so difficult to explain in such a short time. We’re trying to offer them to have a whole new platform, take advantage of their brands– – And what, they’re gonna monetize of your platform better than they’re monetizing off Instagram? – Exactly. They’ll be able to market a whole new target group. In terms of a lot of the influencers– – Why? You have no users. Instagram has hundreds of millions of people on it. – Yeah, exactly. We’re not trying to take anything away from Instagram. We’re just trying to offer them new opportunities to monetize their personal brands. – Tarek, every single person is trying to build a platform for influencers to monetize their brands in other places and so what you’re trying to do is build a platform that shares the economics of influencers that actually have users and you just want to do that by painting a picture that they’ll make more than they will on Instagram when Instagram actually gives them the attention, the eyeballs that they’re actually monetizing off of.

– Oh, this is hard for me to explain, Gary. I’m sorry that I don’t have a more– – No worries, brother. This was a good starting point, no, no, listen. Feel free to send me an email, I’ll try to read it if I get a chance but here’s what I promise you. Everybody’s trying to take from influencers instead of give them and when you say we’ll give them better monetization opportunities, it’s just not true if you have no audience. You know that right? – Yeah. – If you have no audience– – We’re trying to give them a way better opportunity to talk with their audience as well and make sure that the content that they’re creating is not, it will be much more detailed. Yeah, I can’t explain this. – What I can tell you, no you’re doing everything fine. Let me tell you one thing that everybody gets wrong. If you don’t have people, if you don’t have people to give the influencers and you want them to come on so they bring their audience, you’ve lost. – Mhmmm.

– You’ve lost. – Mhmmm. – Unless you’re giving them meaningful equity in your company, you’ve lost. Everybody, it’s a chicken and egg game, Tarek. You know, everybody wants, you want influencers ’cause you want them to bring the million people that pay attention to them over and sign up for your world. No matter how much economics you give them you’re getting more than you’re giving them in that first move which means you’ll never get started. You have to solve for that. That’s a strategy. – Yeah. – How do you bring them more value? – This is about the actual users themselves. We’re trying to get influencers on board to have leverage when we want to talk to so people, some investors like yourself Gary so that maybe the question is like what do you think is the best strategy– – I think the best strategy is not to be in a place– – for a person like me? – To build something without being at the mercy of raising money.

Everybody wants to raise money. By the way, if you walked in here with 15 fitness supermodels that made my tongue hit the ground and they had 40 million fucking followers, I still have no interest investing in your fucking company. Don’t think that influencers on board are gonna get you money. The market’s very, very, very tight right now. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the U.S. market. VCs are not throwing around money because you got a couple of cute chicks and guys with six-packs and a couple million followers.

– Exactly, okay, got you. – Good. Alright, I’ll talk to you soon. – Thank you so much. – The way you need to actually execute on something that shows me traction not theory. You’re in theory mode. You have to do. – Uh-huh. – The best companies did and then raised money. Now we’re in a generation where everybody wants money first. Make something, make an MVP that actually works. How do you do that? Work a fucking side job and use the money for that to do it. Everybody thinks that money’s an entitlement up front any more. Nobody’s giving you fucking money. – Got you. – Good. – Thank you so much, Gary. – You’re welcome. And this is it. Go ahead.

And this is it, guys and girls. We’re in this modern era and now everybody thinks like his whole strategy was I’m gonna take influencers who have big audiences, I’m gonna slap that as they’re a part of my thing and that’s gonna get VCs to be excited about it. It’s not enough for VCs to be excited about. First of all there’s a million influencers. They’re unlimited, they’re commoditized. Second of all, you can’t even explain your product. Where are you going? And everybody’s trying to steal from these influencers. Everybody’s got the same fucking bullshit strategy. I get hit up a million times a day, I’m gonna help you monetize more. I can monetize my-fucking-self. Dunk figured out how to monetize himself. (phone ringing) Fucking help me. No, you want my shit. And then we can monetize together, fuck you. Give me half your house and then we can sell it and make money. I’ve got the fucking house, bitch. Get somebody else. You know? The reason so many of you are losing is because your model is predicated on somebody giving you more value up front.

You’re not offering anything. If he answered me precisely and said well I’m giving 5% of my company to five different people now you have a conversation. You DM @Dunk and say I’m gonna give you 11% of this sneaker business, now all of a sudden maybe he’ll look at it. Not, hey give me a shout out for my sneaker business because on my platform more people will pay attention. He’s got 2 million fans on his platform. You got shit, dick. You got nothing. You need me first. You got an empty club. You need me to bring the bitches. Got it? – Hello? – What? Hello, who’s this? – Hello. – DJ Shoez. – DJ Shoez it’s GaryVee, you’re on the The #AskGaryVee Show. – What’s that? – This is Gary Vaynerchuk. Did you put your number on Twitter to be on my call-in show? – Yeah, I did. – Great. Well, you’re on it. – No, whoa, get the fuck out.

No way. – Yes, man. This is me. My name is Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary V-E-E on Twitter. You put your phone number, I do a show, it’s episode 240, you’re on it. What up? – Oh my God. Oh my God. Good to meet you Gary. You’ve been a big part of my drive and my life. Can’t believe I’m talking to you. – I appreciate it, man. What’s your question? – Well I’ll ask you my question, first, (inaudible) I’m gonna give you some back up (inaudible). – I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear that very clearly.

– I’m sorry. I said I’m gonna ask you a question but I’m gonna give you some of my backup to the question as well. – Okay. – So it’ll make more sense. – Go ahead. Fire away. – Great. So the question itself is if I were your client at VaynerTalent what would your next move for me be? – Meaning, yep. – (inaudible) – I can hear you clearly. If you’re paying me $30,000 and now you’re a client of VaynerTalent. You’re pay me $30,000 a month, the first thing that would happen is we would sit down with you and ask you what the hell do you want to accomplish.

Right? Do you want to get a lot more notoriety so you can album? Do you want to have a book deal? Do you want to create your own social media agency? Do you want to sell sneakers? Do you want to get paid $15,000 a night to spin? Like we always go backwards from the North Star. I want to buy the New York Jets so everything I do ladders up to that. Got it? – Right. So that’s exactly the thing, I know exactly what I want.

– What do you want? – So here’s where I’m at is, I want to tour. I want to tour and have a local fan base, a loyal fan base, that let’s me do what I love to do. – I love it. – Which is produce music and DJ. – Love it. – Here’s my situation. (inaudible) I’m currently stationed over in Italy but my thing is is two and a half years ago I started to go all-in with this.

(mumbles) this is it. It clicked for me. There’s nothing that would make me happier. So I went all-in. I started listening to you and I started (phone cutting in and out). Instagram ads. Sending all my merch out to influencers people all around. – Yep. – Trying to get my name out there. – Yep. Keep going. – Every time I’m not working I’m in the studio, I’m making music, so my big plan is right now I’m trying to build brand awareness. – Yes. That’s right. That’s right so keep going. – However, in about nine months I’m going back to the States and my plan the is to go get my (inaudible) big major clubs that I know out there, offer my services for six months to a year for free. DJ there for free. Get some value from that club and after that ask if they will hire me on as a full-time DJ. – I love it.

Are you gonna be able to, it’s great. That’s exact, I love it. I love your strategy. Are you gonna be able to afford to work for free for six or nine months when you come back to the States from Italy? – Yeah, absolutely. I’ll have three years until my contract runs out. That’s how my plan. By the time the contract is out, I have something– – So let’s– – After that what’s my move? How do I get to start touring? How do I get that? – Well once, look this is a very basic question. Once you get enough people to give a shit about you venues will book you left and right and you can tour forever.

I mean this is not complicated. You look at Russ the rapper in Atlanta, puts out a song every week, does it for four years, whatever. Eventually a couple songs pop. He gets a little thing then he has one song go completely pop crazy and now he’s touring every day selling out shows left and right. I mean this is a business model, you don’t need the GaryVee show to understand this. You need to put out music every day or as close as you can get. Here’s the model. You start at the moon and you go backwards.

You should put out music every single day. Now, you’re gonna say well listen I’m stationed here. I can’t do that. I can’t do this. Great. Is it 364 days that you can put out music? Great, you can’t. Is it 360 days of music? Oh, you can’t? Okay, is it 290 days of music? You need to put out music every day on Soundcloud and Spotify and then you need to make as much content on social media networks to bring awareness. You need to follow hashtags, you need to DM people on Instagram. All the moves that I’ve been talking about. The real answer to your question is it actually has to work.

Meaning like you have to have the talent. There’s no model, there’s no way to become prettier except for plastic surgery and so then you’re dealing with what you’re dealing with. Like you just might not be good enough to tour at the level you aspire to be. I don’t know but I can tell you the best way to find out is to put out music every day. – Got it. Absolutely, Gary. – Like there’s no secret sauce here. It’s putting out content where people actually are as often as you humanly can. The end. That is the strategy. For all of you. – Alright, Gary. – Alright? Alright, man. I mean that’s it. Like everybody’s looking for some sort of hack. Here’s the hack. Whatever you’re producing put out that product to where it is, you’re selling something you put it on Amazon Marketplace, eBay, start your own store, Shopify, like put it out. Put out creative. Marketing, videos, pictures on all the platforms we all spend our time on. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and just do it as often as you possibly can and then you’ll find out whether the world likes it or not.

It’s literally that fucking basic. Here’s the problem, you guys don’t want to do that. – (inaudible) amplify the relationships just like we talked about. – 100%. What’s going on here? That’s a whole lot of practice. I don’t, but it’s great that that didn’t work ’cause I can drill it home one more time. What do you want from me? There’s no cheat code. There’s no up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B, A, B, A, select start. Not in this game. You got to put out the content. You got to put out as often as you can. You got to let the market decide. But you have to be smart about where and how. Don’t make a CD and shop it to A&R people. Put the fucking music on Spotify and Soundcloud. That’s how you get discovered. But you might suck. Hello, it’s GaryVee. You’re on The #AskGaryVee Show. – Gary, my favorite corporate thug motivator. – Julie. – Julie, how you doin’? – I’m good. How are you? – I’m super well. What can I answer for you? – Gary, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for everything first of all.

– Thank you Julie. – You are the best. And what you can answer for me is let’s talk about high school education. – Okay. – What are the top two things that you think could change in public education right now for students that are bored to death in school? – So help me. I want to, I can talk about things in general terms all the time. Having a Q&A show allows me to be a little bit more specific to the person calling and I want to really deliver for you so help me understand this.

You’re asking from what perspective? – I’m asking from an educational, from a federal educational perspective versus what is really happening in high school. How far behind we are in education– – What are you in this? Are you talking about a child? Are you an educator? Why do you care about this and what do you do that ties into this discussion? – I’m an educator. I actually work in public education. – Love it. As a? – I work at a high school. I’m with 1700 students a day that are basically not allowed to use their cell phones. – Right. And you play what role in that world? – I’m actually a teacher and a department chair. – Love it. Okay, so here’s what I think and I think it’s amazing to have you on the call here and we can go back and forth.

I think if you’re calling me and you’ve heard some of my spiel then you are an amazing teacher to these kids because you are not blindly following the playbook that has been pushed down our throats on this issue. Which is you know as well as I do when you really look at the curriculum of the average public high school in America today it’s not the most– – Oh, it’s terrible. – (laughs) It’s just not practical. So here’s what I would say. The number one thing that I think you can do, and I’m not kidding, is the following. One by one, one by one, in the same way that I do it on social and in life, one by one when you see these kids whether it’s their parents when they’re picking them up or at a sporting event or when you have a scheduled meeting or when you see them you have to break the ethos and have that one on one conversation. You need to grab Gary Vaynerchuk in your class who’s a sophomore, right, and you need to pull him aside. – Right. I got several little Garys. – Good. – I’ve got sneaker heads.

I’ve got hip hop music kids. – Let’s not get crazy that they’re Garys. The might be mini. – Math, science. – So, listen. You need to grab them aside and you need to give them the wink. Your wink may change their life forever. You encouraging these kids with saying I see you, I understand. Now I can’t tell you what to appease your parents with. Maybe they want you to get this diploma, maybe not, duh-duh-duh-duh but I’m telling you my friend, more than anything in the world Mrs.

Kennedy, SeƱora Kennedy is the only teacher I had in high school that gave me the wink. Her wink came by her calling my mother and saying, “Mrs. Vaynerchuk, “Gary’s gonna get a D in Spanish this year. “I don’t think he knows how to say hola but I know that your “son is gonna win in life and I know that he needs to pass “Spanish to graduate high school.” She gave me the wink. I’m telling you right now I’m 41 years old. This wink happened when I was 17, right? Please,– – Right. – you’re not gonna change the macro thing. You know what’s going on. – I know what’s going on, it’s not right. – Correct. So what I want you to do is be practical. You’re not gonna change the whole system. I’m not gonna make a video that goes viral and changes the whole system.

The head of education now in this country has her objectives. It’s gonna be very different than what we’ve seen. I have no idea where it goes. I’m not the kind of person that thinks all politics to the left or right are all bad or all good. I have no idea, I do it one by one, but here’s what I can tell you. You, darling, for calling me and asking me this question you need to go overboard with those little Garys in your class and you need to give them the wink. Which is listen to me Charles, listen to me Susan. I see you. I see what you’re passion about and selling shit is always gonna allow you to be successful in life so keep tripling down. Don’t, you know, don’t get me in trouble with your parents, like I’m not telling you to drop out of high school. But somebody giving them a wink and saying I see you, believe it or not, you doing that, and don’t force it. Don’t bullshit it. Don’t just do it– – Nope, the kids know the bullshit.

They see right through it. – So I’m telling you in reverse they see right through it the other way. You go grab Ricky out of class and bring him into your office, especially if you make it impactful like that. He’s in science class but somehow you pull him out for impact and you sit him down and say, “Ricky, listen to me. You’re gonna fuckin’ win. “I see it. I watch your hustle. “I see your charisma. “I see your drive and I know it’s not to do “well on a Scantron test tonight. “I see what you’re doing and I want you to know that I, “I see it and if I could ever be a help to you, “I got you and remember that I see it. “In a world where a lot of other people are just gonna go by the “book, I see what you’ve got and I’m here for you and “I’m proud of you.” We need way more encouragement. We need way more encouragement.

They’re playing in an ecosystem that isn’t practical and then most of the teachers are just playing by the book and they’re discouraging so real life encouragement, around real truths is the number one thing you could do. It’s the cliche shit, Jules. Help four kids and you’re helping as much as you can actually do. Do you understand? – I understand, Gary. – Do it aggressively. – I appreciate you, man. – I appreciate you. – I love you. – I love you back, thank you. I love this, man. Perfectly parented, it’s coming out. I know I got to go. Nope, that’s it. Question of the day: Who’s the last person that you positively impacted? You keep asking questions, I’ll keep answering them. (hip hop music) .

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