Article Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

February 17, 2018

Article writing have been a hot topic lately for link popularity and search engine optimization. The question always remains, does it really work, And it is sure hard to tie article marketing to specific search engine rankings. So much of our results are based on gut feelings and hunches.

I have closed to 10 sites and depends primarily on search engine optimization technique based on article marketing. I have done barely more than submit articles with links back to my site.

I anchor the links with keywords to my site and within a couple of months my first site was ranked in the top ten among (obviously) millions. This should not be a surprise if you have SEO tools like SEO Elite. Indexing normally takes 3 days after submitting the first article. No URL submission anywhere. Just articles.

Search engine rankings are improved dramatically by article marketing.

A few tips for those of you who are submitting.

1. Submit to sites with RSS feeds whom will tend to create more links on the internet than sites without RSS feeds, holding all other variables constant.

2. Always anchor your link with text. For text use the keywords you want to become number one in. And vary the keyword phrases some so you don t look to the spiders like you are using a link exchange.

3. Having a article submitter software or services does help a lot.

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