Article Marketing Checklist – Are You Doing Things Right,

February 17, 2018

A lot of online entrepreneurs are trying to master the reins of article marketing because it’s less risky than other website investments. It’s the perfect way to drive traffic to your website because it doesn’t have to cost anything if you know what you’re doing. Any fairly good writer who knows what s/he is talking about can make money with article marketing. Not surprisingly, with the growing population of bloggers today, article marketing is considered one of the trendiest SEO techniques to master.


When you’re new in this business, it’s really best for you to develop simple blogs or websites about something you’re well-versed in. Your knowledge in the subject matter doesn’t have to be specialized, but a close connection with the topic of your articles will make writing them a lot less strenuous. Keep your articles easy and conversational, but make sure that the content of your articles are significant and useful for your readers.

For example, if you’re maintaining a website about wedding dresses, it would be really smart for you to give tips about dress choices. Sometimes, this is really all a matter of applying general ideas to your more specific niche. You can, for instance, apply the basic dress choice rules for plus sized women and develop this into an article about finding not just a dress but a wedding dress for a specific plus sized body type.


Make sure that you insert essential keywords into your articles. If you don’t know how to research about popular keywords online, you can probably invest in a service that gives you a full report on this tiny detail. Make sure that you incorporate the necessary keywords into your website contents so that the article is easily recognized by search engine spiders. Be very careful about overdoing your keyword usage, though, because it can make your articles intelligible. While attracting search engines is important, keep in mind that you’re primarily writing for human readers who expect high quality content from your website.

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