구봉서의 벼락부자(1961) / An Upstart ( Gu Bong-seo-ui Byeorakbuja )

June 18, 2019

An Upstart Today is the 25th, my payday. This happy day comes once a month. No. Actually, it’s a tragic day. It wouldn’t be wrong to say us office workers live for this day. Those who line up like this to receive their payment are the hand-to-mouth workers who live on 30, 40 thousand won a month. Once you reach the level of a director, you can check your money at your desk. Of course, even that doesn’t mean that your pay will be satisfactory. Once you are the CEO, it’s no longer about the salary. You sit high up in the building and run the company for profit. Sometimes, you may have a secret affair with the young secretary. Of course, that’s what crooked CEOs do, those who aren’t worth their pennies. As for them, they are a father and a daughter. Is he the new money? No, not at all! First, your payment goes to pay for everything you owe. You owe so many people that you can’t really calculate everything. This happens every month paying those debts. Here is the problem, though. On your way out the gate, how do you efficiently handle all those debt sharks? Typically, those sharks will take half, leaving the rest to be paid next month.

Here’s our man, Maeng Sun-jin. He is, of course, no different. The joy of getting paid suddenly turns into disappointment. But nothing can be done. He is a typical office worker living on his salary. Gosh! Why are you pushing so much? Ouch! Hey, stop pushing! What’s wrong with you? – Oops! Stop pushing! – You are killing me! Get off quickly. Get off quickly.

– That son of a… – Depart! You got paid so pay for all those drinks! – You better pay us today. – Mister! What about us? Huh? – We have money to collect, too! – Hand it over! Don’t forget about me! – Thanks. – Yeah, thanks. Okay, good. Mr. Maeng, you better pay me when you get paid tomorrow. You can’t even pay your rent, and you have the nerve to eat dinner? – Ouch! – Ow… Oh, man… If you have something against me, just say so! I’m sorry. I really didn’t know. Ouch! I think I broke my nose. What? Stop exaggerating. – Hand it over. – Hand over what? What else? Your payment! – Well, I did get paid, but… – But what? I had debts to pay here and there, so not much is left. – What? – In-suk! Oops! What is her problem? – Here. – All right. What? That’s it? Unbelievable. What about the rent? You know how impatient my mom is! – Oh, I know it too well. – What did you say? Now that things turned out like this, you be my superior in charge.

Okay. At ease! Attention! March straight back home! No, not that. Please! If I go home now, I’m in for a punishment for sure! I knew that already, so I was waiting. – I’m saved! – What did you say? Anyway, leave the rent to me. – Perhaps go to the theater? – Thank you! Go have bulgogi or something. Shouldn’t you enjoy your payday a little? – I’m so grateful! – Save the empty gratitude. I’ll hold onto this. – I mean, that’s… – Attention! – Forward! – Oh, man… – Mr. Jang? – Yes? – Can you wait for me on the second floor? – Why? – Restroom… – Oh, restroom.

– Shall we go to Ureok? – Sure. Mr. Maeng. What brings you here? – I came here looking for you. – What? Emergency call from the CEO. All employees are to gather at our place. You didn’t know? Is something the matter? Not sure. Reshuffling or something. – Reshuffling? – Yes, apparently. By any chance, am I…? How would I know that? That’s confidential stuff. Anyway, you should go now. What should I do? In-suk, I’m… It’s the CEO. You should go. But it’s not everyday we go for bulgogi… I’m fine. You should go. Excuse me. Umm… Uh… Hold on. Ms. In-suk! Oh, man! Ms. In-suk! What are you doing? You look desperate! Ms. In-suk! Ms. In-suk! – I’m sorry. – Let’s go quickly. I’m sorry. – Excuse me! You have to pay for the tea – Oh! – Quickly. Break this bill. – I have no change. Hold on. What? Hey, hey! Just keep it. What’s wrong? Something stuck in your throat? – My tooth hurts. – If it’s caries, just take it out. That’s easy to say… Oh, you can’t afford the treatment? Well, that’s not exactly it. No, you shouldn’t. I got paid today, too.

So that’s why you were on a date with that lady named In-suk. Yeah, kind of. Life is so unfair. Those who get dates keep getting more. Those who don’t can’t find any. Wait, she is not my girlfriend. – I’m lodging at her parent’s house. – So the house owners’ daughter? Why aren’t they coming? The plan was to have a meeting at my house and then have dinner here. That’s strange. They can quit if they don’t want to come. Or is being with me uncomfortable? No, that’s it.

Then don’t just be sitting there doing nothing. Man up when you are working. You’ve done your military service! Don’t be afraid because I am the CEO’s daughter. Talk to me freely like you would to your girlfriend. – Or imagine I’m your fiance. – What say? – What? – I’m sorry. Don’t say sorry after everything! “Fiance.” It means the one who is engaged to you. Engaged? Come on… – Your parents named you well, Mr.

Maeng. – Why do you say that? – Sun-jin means naive, right? – Oh, that… Can I talk to Mr. Maeng Sun-jin? What? Me? I’m his sister. That can’t be right! I’m the president’s wife. What are you talking about? What? There’s no one from the company here. Who is it, ma’am? I don’t know. She sounds fishy. Is it that Madam Min again? Or whatever her name was. No. It’s not her voice. She could be a spy. You had dinner yet? Why the look? – You got a call from your darling. – Hey! Is it Min again? Didn’t I swear that we are totally done? – It wasn’t her voice. – What? You are seeing another woman, aren’t you? – Tell me honestly. – Come on, again with the false accusation! – Ugh, you old geezer! The kids will see. – Let’s go. – Seriously. – Such a nagger. – Give me a pack of cigarettes. – Sure. Thank you. – Put it on my tab. – What’s that? You are not going to do business with me? Darn it…

That guy never pays upfront. – Who is that? – It must be a thief! Isn’t that Mr. Maeng? – Why are you just standing outside? – Jeez… – Jeez… – Coming in so late? – You aren’t sleeping yet? – What do you care if I’m sleeping? – What about dinner? – I ate out. Doing fine on your payday, I see. – Well… – You got paid, right? Yes, but you see…

– Oh, that’s right! – What is? – Mom! – Why are you all nervous like that? I told you he paid to me. You are so forgetful! What do you mean, forgetful? If he paid you, you should have told me! Go to sleep! Sorry about that. Go in and rest. Yes, you rest well too… – Watch out! – Oh, dear… Oh, this… Wake up, will you? Wake up! Wake up! – Oh, my! – Oops! I apologize for last night. That’s okay. Did you eat well at the president’s house? Well, it was pretty awkward. The CEO, all the directors and executives, too.

All of them in two huge rows! All in lines? Yeah! Just like this! – Must have been a big house. – It was big all right. Bigger than 300 square meters! – What’s that? – Huh? What do you mean, sitting in rows? There was no one there last night! Sun-jin, you are a bad man. You lied to me. That woman last night looked so stylish. When are you getting married? She is the CEO’s daughter. Also the secretary, and… – And what? – Nothing. – Nobody’s interested in a girl like me. – Nonsense! I admire you, In-suk. You are pure and kind. So I’m only good for cooking and doing laundries, right? No, that’s not what I meant. Fine. – Hand over your dirty clothes. – Oh, I owe you again. Actually, I have them over there. Goodness! This much? No underwear in here, right? I only have one. The one I’m wearing right now.

Oh, my… Think of it as an allowance. – Really, you shouldn’t. – I’m only lending it to you. – Pay me back next month. – Of course… Really, I feel bad… One, two, three, four, five… I can’t believe he just left this out here. – What do I do with this? – How can he not even apologize? Maeng is so thoughtless, he is driving me crazy. – There you are. I need to talk to you. – Sure. What is it? What’s that? Don’t try to fool me. I don’t know what you are talking about… Just zip it and look at what you’ve done. Can’t you just buy a trash bin for your room? Look here. You broke it. Shouldn’t you pay for it? Yes, that’s…

Um… Mr. Maeng, what about breakfast? – Oh, I’m late already, so… – Okay. – Why you… – Okay, excuse me… He’s just way too rowdy. I can’t stand it anymore. I can’t believe how rude young people are these days. – Good morning. – Hi. – Good morning. – Good morning. Maeng! Come here! Jang, you too! Yes. You are late every single day. – That’s sort of my hobby. – What did you say? A hobby? Fine. Yelling at you is my hobby, then. – What about Hong Kong Trading Company? – Oh, that… Not you! Is it going smoothly? What is? Are you trying to get on my nerves? This is your job! Show some effort! – That must hurt. – Shut up! Look at Oyang Trading Company. Look at how well it’s doing. Well, some do well, others don’t. It’s only natural. What was that? Why, you… Watch your blood pressure! Look, my blood pressure is normal. It’s about time it went up, though. A waste of food is what you are. Be more like a workaholic! – What’s going on? – Mr. President, you are here! – Director, see me in my office. – Of course.

– Hey, In-seo. – Yeah? He talks big in front of us, but in front of the president, he’s nothing. That lump of fat will gladly throw away his pride for success. What can we do, though? In front of him, we are nothing. – We’re slaves to the company anyway. – What? What are we? Some goods sold in a market? – That’s right. – Well, I guess. We are not goods. We have personality and intelligence. But that was harsh. A waste of food is what you are. Be more like a workaholic. – Oh, my! – Welcome! – Welcome? – Welcome back. You think I was travelling around the world or something? – Well, you remember Jeju Island… – You wanna say that again? – Well… – Mr. Maeng Sun-jin, The president calls for Mr. Maeng. Not the director. – Me? – This Maeng right here? Yes. Please come. Go and be careful with your every action in front of the president. – Yes. I’ll do just like you, director. – Yes. Huh? Get working. All of you! Go to this place tonight and have a drink with a client. – Pardon? – We are having a business guest.

Yes, sir. It’s going to be that Wang Deok-jung from Hong Kong Trading Company. So you want me to suck up to him a bit? – Watch the language! – Sorry. It’s just how I am. – You can go now. – Yes, sir. Excuse me, then. Hong Kong, Kanto, Shanghai, Mr. Wang from Taiwan… – Wa la – Wa la? Excellent! That was great! Mr. Wang, please. Sign the contract with our company. Hong Kong and Geoseong will be like brother companies! Korean products from Geoseong Industry, superior quality. Guaranteed credibility. We warmly welcome Hong Kong Industry! If you want, Mr. Wang, we’ll provide the goods for free. – What? – What was that? Hey, we don’t like free hand-outs.

We don’t like free stuff. A business is a business. Hey, use the beauty tactic. Hang on. The next program will be led by these two fine ladies. – That’s right. – Yes. You don’t like me? Let’s get up. – Come, now. – Guide him out. Let’s go now. – Good. – Done. It’s done. There’s no way he won’t fall for the beauty tactic. But look at you… Who cares? It’s all part of the job. – Better than becoming a thief. – We should brighten up too. – Hey, where are you going? Sit. – Oh, my. – Don’t “oh, my” on us. – How about us? Don’t harass me. I’m the president’s mistress. Know that I’m also here to help Geoseong Industry.

– We didn’t know. – We didn’t know. What? “Oke?” Dear God… Hey, In-suk, I can’t understand what she’s saying. – Dad, it’s not that. – I can’t understand a thing. Who is that western woman looking for? Looks like she’s here for Mr. Maeng. – Can’t understand a word she’s saying! – Mr. Maeng! Here comes Mr. Maeng. Mr. Maeng. That American woman has been waiting for you. Hurry. – Mr. Maeng Sun-jin? – Yes, yes. I’m so glad to meet you. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. – Mr. Maeng, come sit here. – Hello, sit. Sit. Sit over there. Sit down. Is this you? Hello, what can I do for you? Mr.

Maeng, I admire you. – God has blessed you. – Yeah, yeah, yeah… You remember Lieutenant Colonel Bacon, from the Korean War. Lieutenant Maeng Sun-jin saved him at the front line. Do you remember? Come on! – I’m sorry. – This is all in a day’s work. – What is your name? – Name? – Yes. – Maeng Sun-jin Mae Su-jin No, no, no, no, no Mae Su-ji is your name? No, no. Maeng Sun-jin. -Oh, Maeng Sun-jin! -Yeah. Thank you. My name is William Bacon. I understand. Bacon, pork cutlet, whatever. Why is he so heavy anyway? Let’s go! He was quite heavy. Probably worth like 500 servings of pork cutlet.

Yes, a fat man. He probably weighed more than four, five pigs combined. – That’s a fat person, all right. – That’s my husband. Huh? What? Your? – My husband passed away. – He died. Several days ago, he passed away. But if it weren’t for you, he would’ve died a long time ago. Oh, is that right? Before my husband passed away, he willed his possessions to be split between two people. This is…

Dear Mr. Maeng, I hereby… Dear Mr. Maeng, I hereby leave half of my inheritance to you, who saved my life. In all my years, I have restrained myself from the pleasures of life. I saved this money by sacrificing everything. But money is meaningless in death. Mr. Maeng. With this money that I have left you, go enjoy the things that I couldn’t. Do it for me, please. Forget about earning money. For one year, just go enjoy life. Use this money only to live happily. Don’t give this money to others. Don’t use it for other purposes. If you do, I’ll be turning in my grave. Mr. Maeng, the 20 million dollars that I’m leaving you is quite small compared to the value of one’s life. 20 million dollars? Yes. Korean money, 20 billion hwan. – 20 billion? – 20 billion! – Holy cow! – Mr. Maeng! Mr. Maeng! Snap out of it! It’s 20 billion! 20 billion! – How is this possible? – Go get some cold water. 20 billion! – Mr. Maeng! – Mr. Maeng! – Here – Here. Drink some water. So how does it feel to be a millionaire? Can you just tell us briefly? – Just happy? – I guess that’s all I can say.

Yes. That’s right. So the inheritance is… 20 million dollars. What? 20 million dollars? Hey, wake up! Don’t go all unconscious on us. So what about the current job? Of course, I’ll stay here and continue working hard in my position. – Folks, I am the sales director. – Oh, the director. This is exactly why I admire and cherish Mr. Maeng. Maeng is the model employee of our company. Based on both his character and his performance, I can tell he has a bright future.

As for me, I always knew that he’d reach a position like this in life. I’ve always known that. Never doubted it. Write that down as the sales director’s comment. Women are going to line up to at your door. How do you feel about that? How about buying something like the Choseon Hotel? Well, the government is using it as a tourist hotel, so no. – Oh, no. – Then how about… I think the room that I’m lodging in is the best for me. – That’s the best for you? – Yes. It’s appropriate for me. – Okay. Thank you. – All right. Women Line Up for the New Billionaire Oh, my. You look so kind and handsome. Okay, please settle down and find your seats. Oh, this is not good. Nothing to worry about. As our way of saying congratulations, this one is on the house. – But this is still… – Just leave it to me, please. And the lady next to you is the best in our house. I can guarantee that she’s a virgin. So if you are willing…

Just give us the order, and we’ll get everything ready. Of course! We’ll get everything ready. First, can you just let me breathe? Don’t cling on him like that. It’s bad for his health! Well, since you are here, please enjoy our amazing show! Come here! What’s wrong? We are the most successful business in the town. Why, we hardly have enough tables for all the customers! Bravo! Which brings me to the point… if you could invest about 10 million hwan for our business… – It’s always just money talk! – Hey, come on. Oh, my darling! Yeah, I know. I said don’t worry about it. Expect good news in about two days. You always say, “day after tomorrow”. You promised to buy me a house, but you always say “later”.

I told you. Don’t worry. Oh, Maeng! – Welcome! Welcome! – Thank you. I can hold my chin up now, all thanks to you. – Yes. – Sit, sit. So, how is it going with Hong Kong Trading Company? – I’m not sure. – Ah, who needs them. You know, I was the happiest for you when I heard the good news. Oh, I’m sure. – Dad. – Yes? – Don’t you have to go out? – Why? Oh, I have a business to take care of somewhere else. Excuse me. Sure. – Stay here. – Yes. – Sit there. – I’ll see you later, sir. – Always bowing. That doesn’t look good. – Well, I’m in front of the president. Sit down for a minute. You could be the president now. Did you put all the money in the bank? I haven’t gotten it yet, but it is in an American bank account. No worries. That’s true, but… Hold on. This guy suddenly got rich, but has no motivation. Perhaps he is crazy. He has a suspicious grin.

– Mr. Maeng? – Yes? Say, “is that pea pod a peeled pea pod, or an unpeeled pea pod” – What? – Just try saying it! Is that pea pot a peeled pea pot, or an unpeeled pea pot? Not a pea pot! A pea pod! Again! Is that pea pod a peeled pea pod, or an unpeeled pea pod? Ow, my jaw! – Good. You are sane after all. – Huh? Wait a minute. Am I really sane right now? 20 billion hwan out of nowhere. I’m not imagining this, am I? What’s wrong? What? Am I really fine? You are sure? Stop with the nonsense.

Mr. Maeng, – What do you think of me? – What? Actually, I’ve been admiring you for a while. Even before you got all rich, I kept it to myself but… You admired in secret? Mr. Maeng… I, too, actually… – Me? – Uh, yes. Umm… Anyway, excuse me. Mr. Maeng. – Don’t push! Get in the line! – Wait for your turn! Come in slowly! Slowly! Hey, who do you think you are? – One at a time! Wait for your turn! – Easy now. – That guy hit me! – You are going to break the door! Why, you bunch of… You broke the door! Darn it! – What in the world is going on? – My Goodness… Everyone in the neighborhood showed up after hearing that you got rich. – Hurry. Get inside. – Ugh… come on. – Mr. Maeng! We’ve been waiting! – You are late. You must be hungry. It’s not much, but we did our best. – Please, have some. – Please, sit. Oh, you shouldn’t have. – Come on, have some. – Try them.

We got the groceries together. You know how we live. If only I had 100 thousand hwan, I’d be able to afford a phonograph. But I’m so poor. So Mr. Maeng, please… I don’t even need 100 thousand hwan. – How could you? – Just spare me 50 thousand, will you? Onyang Hot Spring. I’ve only heard the name, but… – I never had a chance to actually go. – You can’t do this! Please just give me 50 thousand so I can go and wash myself clean for once. Out of the way! The house is going to collapse! Mr. Maeng! Come out here! Someone’s going to die soon! – Let’s go out. – I’m going to! Mr. Maeng, please think about my plea. – Please, eat. – Hey… – Just hold it! Remember mine too. – Hey! Come here! – Let’s go out. – Any day now! Darn it! – What’s with this crowd? – What’s going on? – What’s going on here? – What a ruckus! Those good-for-nothing politicians. What good have they done? Turning deaf years to the cries of 2 million poor farmers! Blinded by their greed for power and pleasure, they are tearing each other apart. What else do those political parties fight for? They are parasites! Liars! They are ruining our country! In this time of trouble, who else can serve the people right but this transparent and honest man here! My dear friends! Cast your precious vote for me! Sir.

Will you kindly fund my campaign by donating 10 million hwan… The Korean film industry has finally reached the world-class level. Our films are competing globally now. Just look at our first Cinesco color film, ‘Seong Chun-hyang’. You see what I’m talking about. Sir, if you care about the growth of the Korean film industry, and wish to prevent the flooding of foreign films, please, for the sake of the advancement of the Korean culture, could you donate just 50 million hwan for our film? I am from a well-known pharmaceutical company, and am an expert in nutritional science. When it comes to vitamins, chromomeres, or even hormone drugs, I am an unmatched figure of authority. Of course! My research paper is currently being reviewed in West Germany – for that exact reason. – That’s right. And I go beyond the theories to the applications.

For example, Yes. A month ago, I was nothing but skin and bones. But just one vitamin tablet gave me this healthy figure. A wrinkly ill-looking man such as him can become young again with a single capsule of a hormone drug. If you have any doubt, I can test them immediately. But sir, I need money. So if you can just invest 8 million hwan… I have trained for 20 years deep in the Gyeryong Mountain. I now understand the workings of the universe. And right then, I turned my attention to that far-away continent, Africa.

Threatening the peace of the world, a storm of turmoil is brewing in the skies of Congo! To prevent this, I shall rendezvous with Kalifha, the African Prophet. We shall forecast the disaster in Congo, and contribute to world peace. But for that, I will need money for the plane tickets and the hotel room. It shall be your duty to provide 3 million hwan for this cause. A Soviet man went in to the space. But that is insignificant. Why, you ask? I’m studying an element that is ten thousand times more powerful than Uranium. It’s called Ziranium. If this research succeeds, it will mean a new world order. The U.S. Department of State offered to pay for my research, and sent their agents to me in secret. But I declined their offer! Mr. Maeng, we can’t rely on the support of other powerful countries. You can help Korea achieve prosperity and glory! To successfully finish the Ziranium research, please… Lend me just 100 million hwan… As you can see, for a homeless person, I am quite educated and well mannered. To improve the lives of the homeless of this nation, and to preserve their basic human rights, I’ve been battling the odds for half of my life.

The so-called authorities plan to provide shelters But it never gets anywhere due to lack of budget. But all we really need is just enough money for basic survival. We don’t care if we eat white rice or brown rice. We don’t care what the side dishes are. We aren’t that susceptible to diseases either. So what do you say? Help those who are living in these conditions. For all the homeless folks out there, lend me just 50 million hwan… If not, then just 10 million… If not, then just 100 thousand… Still no? Then just 10 thousands… If that’s still too much, please, sir, just 500 hwan… Brother! Though we have different mothers, I see you as my full brother! Now that I’ve finally met you, I can see that we look alike as well. My dear older brother! I’ve spent all my money on fares to come see you. Our father, who is in heaven now, must be rejoicing right now, seeing us two brothers sitting like this. Though we are step-brothers, please hear me out. I shall restore the glory of the Maeng family! Please let me use just half of your money.

– Mom. – Yes. – Mr. Maeng. – They are all gone. – Hey. – Huh? – Oh, my! – He fell asleep. What should we do? – I think I’m going paranoid. – That was intense. I had a good nap, but this is going to kill me. But you got famous real quick, right? I don’t think I can survive being famous twice. But what we were talking about earlier… Just 100 thousand, please? Can we talk about money later? – Mr.

Maeng. – Yes. Why me? Come on. – What is it this time? – Seriously. This is difficult for me to ask, but… – I need 1 million hwan right now. – What? I need it to join the Rotary Club. You know? To maintain a gentleman’s dignity. Mr. Maeng, congratulations. Thank you. This is our sales director. I am Wang Deok-jung from Hong Kong Trading Company. I am Director Yang. Welcome. We came to buy a ton of goods from your Geoseong Industry. – Thank you. – Thank you. Mr. Maeng deserves credit for this. His company should recognize this. – Yes. Of course. – Xie xie. Thank you. The president is going to praise us. I’m already excited. I feel like this is the first time I’ve done something worthwhile. Mr. Maeng, Hong Kong is far, far away from here. All the way beyond the horizon is our HQ. We can’t let our guard down until the goods arrive safely. You mean pirates? Pirates? There are lots of pirates on land, actually. – Pirates on land? – They are on land? – Mr. Maeng! – Mr. Maeng! – Come quickly. – Hurry. Mr.

Maeng. The money has arrived. – What? – The money. Money? Hey, it’s here! Mr. Maeng, as my late husband willed, the money is in your account now. I’m glad that you are happy. Please excuse me! Huh? Mr. Maeng, come back here. Get in this car. – Come here! – You crazy? Do you want to run back to Seoul? Get in now. After you. – Oh, thank you! – That’s all right. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! – Mr. Yang. Busy as always, I see. – Welcome! – Please, sit. – Let’s go have some fun tonight. – Here, sit. – Yes. – Oh, by the way. I’m here for that. – That? – Let’s cut the crap. Lend me another 80 million. It’s not going to damage this huge bank or anything. Let’s be honest. You don’t lend me money because of my company. You lend me money because of this Gwon Se-do’s character! – I don’t know… – So…

The money has arrived at the manager’s office. What? Maeng Sun-jin’s money has arrived? The man himself is here. He is an employee at my company. That’s 20 billion hwan. Please, use it all in one year. If you don’t, my late husband will be very sad. – Okay! – I’m happy for you! Really, this is great! I’ve been expecting you. I’m here to pick you up. You are my employee! Let’s go. – Please, keep these safe for me. – Yes. – Good bye! – Good bye! – Good bye! – Good bye! How about it? I want to make you our director. No. An executive director, maybe? How about my position? No. My son-in-law. That would be more appropriate.

Pardon? You see… – Maeng. – Yes? I just need a tiny bit. Just 80 million hwan. – I mean… – You are already panicking? Fine. Know that, among all the people in my company, I am the happiest for you, and I admire you the most. – More than anyone. Got it? – Yes, sir. – Let’s go in. – After you. – Congratulations! – Good for you! – How happy do you feel right now? – Congratulations! I want to congratulate you more than anyone else here. Hey! Order! Order! Everyone back to work! What do you think you are doing? – You come to my office. – Actually, I’m a bit dizzy. What? You should go to the hospital. – Please let me rest at my desk. – Yes, sure. Don’t gang up on him. Okay? Uh… Hey, remember what I asked. Please. – Don’t forget about me too. – Not your turn yet. – I asked him before you. – There’s a thing called order. So I was saying. Mine after yours. – Stop talking back. – You have a call. Yes, this is Maeng Sun-jin. What? Where? It’s me.

Ae-ra. Why are you so cold? Are you going to be like that? What, you can’t budge because of all that money? No, that’s not it. I’m just dizzy. Liar! I can’t even sleep because I’m always thinking about you. Can’t sleep? Don’t be like that. Go to bed! Hello? What? I’m the sales director. – Yes. – Maeng Sun-jin? – Yes. – He is really busy right now. – No, I’m actually dizzy. – What? – I said I’m dizzy! I’m sorry, okay? – Who is this? Huh? – Yes. – I’m the sales director. I am. -Uh huh… – What? Yes, yes, yes. – Yes, yes. That’s who I am. – Yes. Hold on, please. – Yes. – Yes, yes, yes. – Such a fatso… Hold on a minute, please. Hello? What? It’s me, Min. Madam Min. How can you just stop coming like that? Drop by with President Gwon sometime. Actually you can just come by yourself. Gosh, do you know how much I like you? I said I’m busy! Busy! – Hello? – Oh! – See you tonight. – Drop by tonight.

– What? Who is this? – Huh? Who are you? – Tapping on other people’s calls! – Tapping on other people’s calls! – How vulgar! – What? Hello? This is Maeng Sun-jin, a salesman at Geoseong Industry. Oh! Mr. Maeng? Remember what I asked earlier? My neighbor is selling his phonograph. Will you help me buy it? – How dare you! – Daemosan, it’s me. The one from Pyeongyang. – You know me, right? – Why you… – This one is, like, your old classmate. – Yeah. Not right now! – Hello? – What? I’m sorry to hear that you are busy. I’m off to Onyang Hot Spring tomorrow and the bus departs at 3. I must book a room at the tourist hotel. Otherwise I can’t get a room.

Can you please do something? – What are you doing? – What did you say? 50 thousand hwan is probably worth a toothpick to you, right? 50 thousand? Is everyone in the world picking their teeth at once? I get it! Darn it! Listen to me! Hello? Hey? He hung up. Don’t be stupid. What did you say? You ruined everything! – What are you talking about? Shuish! – Bring it on! You want me to be your secretary and take your calls? – This is troublesome. – What is? According to Mr. Bacon’s will, I must use all this money to learn about life. – What? Learning about life? – I wonder why… I’m not sure myself. It probably means drinking and buying girls with lots of money. I see, so learning about alcohol and women, right? That sounds great. – Ms. Park. How can we help his spending? – What? Oh, goodness! When it comes to spending money, I’m the best there is.

For starters, let’s drink tonight. We’ll talk then. – Yes! That’s it! – Hey, just leave it to me. Or we can just buy the entire Myeongdong area. Okay, In-su. As a practice, how about we spend about 5 million hwan? What? Great! Huh? 5 million?! Mongtang Bar Construction inside Okay… Tonight, set aside all your worries. Eat, drink, and smash! What’s next for the billionaire here? Yes. If there is anything he wants… – We’ll deliver it. – Great. Great. – Look, here. – Yes? Bring out everything you got. There’s more where that money came from. Yes, yes! Mr. Jang. You brought the cash for tonight, correct? Of course, I did. Maeng, how much did we say we were going to use for practice? – 5 million. – Oh, this is not good. We only spent 500 thousand tonight. At this rate, forget one year. It’s going to take our whole lives. Let’s donate this to an orphanage. – An orphanage? – Yes! Look at me. I can’t drink. I see the money but I can’t use it. Carrying it around is driving me crazy! So the man wanted you to spend the money on women and alcohol only? – What’s your point? – What I’m saying is…

You tell people you used the money, and just give me one million here. – So… – Hey, look. I know how you feel, but I can’t go against Mr. Bacon’s will. It doesn’t matter how close we are. I can’t give it to you. Mr. Rich Guy. How about you play nice and share the money? You are that new money from the news. Be generous, will you? I would love to share, but I can’t just give the money to you folks. It’s nice that you want to help, but we can’t do that. – Yes. – Yes. So what? You want some of this? – How about you sell me your watch? – You want to buy this? Sure. Why not? Good. – It’s a cheap toy! – Why, you little… – Hey, give him the money. – You mean, all of this? Give me that! Damn it! Damn it! You bastards just broke my watch! Why you! Hey, I paid for it. So it’s mine. – What a loud mouth! – Maeng.

This guy is a joke. Let’s go. – You son of a… Ouch! – Run! Come on! Come on! Come on! You crazy bastard! Do you know who I am? You little… – Ow! That hurt! These guys… – Die, you bastard! More incoming! Okay. I got this one. I’ll mess you up! – Hey. – Look, here. – Here’s the money. – Die, you son of a… Why do you keep falling? Maeng! Maeng! Can we slow down a bit? Hey, you are a pretty good fighter. I did play sports in high school. Who knew it would come in handy? – All right. Get home safe. – Hey, brother! You are just going home like that? Give me some of that.

Well, we did almost get mugged. No. I’ll see you tomorrow at the office. I’ll think about it. – See you. – Hey… But, but… Shuish… What a cheap guy. Seriously. Maeng. This is the net profit from last night’s round. Director, you take care of the business. Director, you keep one million. In-su, take what you need from that. Others in the sales team, take some if you need it. – I’ll leave the rest to the finance guys -Yes, yes. – Ms. Lee, come here. – Yes. All right. – Ms. Lee, how much did you say? – I said 100 thousand before. – What? You clearly said 50! – Just give me 100 thousand. – What about you, Ms.

Park? – I just need 50 thousand. Bus stop Mr. Maeng. – Oh! – Where are you going carrying this? – I’m getting on the bus. – How unsightly! – Don’t you think it’s dangerous? – Not really… – Jeez… – Ms. Gwang-hui? – Can you be my model today? – A model? The model for spending money. I have to use this up today. Oh, good! – Come on! – Yes. Hold this. Here. She’s kind of greedy, huh… 50 matching sets? It’d take me my whole life to wear that many, but that’s okay. Spending money for a woman is okay according to Mr. Bacon’s will. Mr. Gwang-hui, how about 20 more dresses? Oh dear, I’m really tired. – But since you are asking, Mr. Maeng… – Thank you. – This one. – That one. – This one. – And this one. Eat. Eat. Keep eating like a bird on a feeder. We’ll keep eating until the money is gone. But she’s really eating a lot. How about we stop and proceed to the next activity? For digesting exercise, there is nothing better than driving.

Okay! Here you go. Mr. Maeng, why the serious look? I see. You are regretting spending all that money on me! No. On the contrary, I’m happy that you helped me use it up. I think it’s that fried pork I just had. Oh, you poor thing! Stop the car, please. – Yes ma’am. – Walking is the best for digestion. Here you go. Oh, that’s too much. Wait, the money bag! Stop! – Stop! – Stop! Oh! What should we do? – Ms. Gwang-hui, that’s enough. – Are you crazy? – What can we do? The car already left. – Unbelievable…

Oh, my! He came back! What were you thinking leaving this behind? You should be careful. Thank you! – That was close! – Now I’m in trouble. Everyone including the director is sick right now. Heck. They drank every night. How can they not get sick? What about me? I can’t drink, but I still carry this around. – Hey, watch it! – Oh, I’m sorry. Were you even paying attention? Do you know how much these were worth? Darn it. Just my luck… Hey, are you going to pay for these, or not? Huh? Sheesh! Um… I’m sorry. Thank you! This is too much. Thank you. – Yes. – Aha, I got it! Those weren’t worth this much. You gave me so much! Good bye! Plums! Very cheap! Very fresh! – Hey, what’s wrong with you? – Here, take this. – Where the heck are your eyes? – Let’s not do this. – Let me go! – Let’s settle this with money. – Let me go! Let go! – Money? Just let go.

What kind of weirdos are they? – Buy a goldfish! Goldfish! – He’s here. – He’s here! He’s here! – Buy your goldfish here! Buy your goldfish. Buy your goldfish. Buy your goldfish. Buy your goldfish. Goldfish… What the… those were all I had! What do I do now? – What the heck are you smiling for? – Don’t get angry. – Don’t get angry? – We can settle this with money, right? – Then hand me the money. Cough it up! – Hold it, hold it.

Here. – Huh? – Here you go. You are giving me all this? – Here. Be on your way now. – Wow. Thank you! – Bye. – Yes… That was very generous! I’m grateful. What else is there? – Huh? – What is it? It’s the lottery season… I got it! We’ll buy all the tickets. That’s a waste. We are not even going to win. You know how I feel. I hope I don’t win anything. – But still… – Get in there and buy those tickets. – We are all out. – What? No more in stock? No. – Take the rest of the money back. – But… – What? – Who knows? Maybe we have a winner here. Oh, hey. No, I’m fine. – What is that building over there? – Oh, that’s a new building. – We won! – It’s great, isn’t it? – Special prize, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. – You are getting more handsome every day.

– Nah, that’s a lie. – Hey, Maeng! We won! We won them all! – Special, 1st, 3rd, all of them! – You mean the lottery? Yeah, we won them all! Hold on. I’ll go get the cash. By the way, Maeng, you better give me some this time. I just need, like 500 thousand hwan. Hey, how many times do I have to tell you? You know that I can’t give this away without a proper reason.

– Hey, look at this. – Go claim them. The money I was trying to get rid of came back in multiples. Sheesh… What did I do to deserve this… With this rotten luck, I’ll probably fall backwards and still break my nose. Ugh. So sick of this money. – Is this how it spins? – This is exciting. I said don’t touch it! Hey, Maeng! Where have you been? Mr. Maeng! I bought the phonograph! – Oh, okay. – You coming in? Yeah, go in. The Pyeongyang lady left for the springs already. – Uh, uh… – Mr.

Maeng, there’s a guest in your room. Huh? What do we do with this guy? – He’s here! He’s here! – Dear! Where are you off to now? – Mr. Maeng! – Stop right there! – Mr. Maeng! Where are you going? – Mr. Maeng! – There he goes! – Hey, Mr. Maeng! Just stop for a moment! – Mr. Maeng! – Someone grab him! – Mr. Sun-jin! – Just give me a little! – Stop! Taxi! – Dear! – Stop right there! – Mr. Maeng! – Mr. Maeng! – Damn it. We lost him. What should we do now? Man, all these bastards chasing me. What am I, a criminal? So there goes my lodging life. Forced to live a rich life that I don’t even want. Hold on. Should I just give it all to this guy? Mr. Maeng, don’t use the money for society or for business.

It would sadden me greatly. Man! This darn money! When I’m poor, I’m worried that I don’t have it! When I’m rich, I’m worried that I have too much! All this darn money. Jeez! When will it go away? I’m so sick of it! Darn money! I can’t even sleep on the bed because my back hurts. What a miserable life! I’m so sick of hotels. Wearing something like this… Wait. I’ll invite mom to Seoul! What would Mr. Bacon think of this? I’m helping my old mother live in luxury. He can’t say no to that.

Sun-jin! You scoundrel! Live in luxury? You are wasting money just because you got it easily? I have no desire to spend that kind of money. That’s not true, mother. I have no greed for money. Then what are you doing? Look. Lying in bed like that! I had no choice. If I stay at the house, I’ll be crushed to death. You deserve to be crushed, being swayed by western people like that.

Shameful. I’m Maeng Sun-jin, your son! Scream, and I’ll stab you. Got it? Shut up and hand over the money. Now! – Money? – What’s wrong with sharing free money? Hey, this is my chance. I’ll just use this as an excuse to give him 30 million. I’ll give it to you, so stop threatening me. Here. Just take it all. It’s yours now.

Uh, sir, I’m not a total villain. – This is too much… – That’s okay. How about just a little bit! Hey, Mr. Thief! Bastard. Why can’t he just take it all? Why couldn’t he just help me out there? Hey, I heard the president’s daughter is engaged to Maeng. – Says who? – They’ve been hanging out a lot recently. A billionaire’s wife, huh? Now that’s out of our league.

Their honeymoon is probably going to be a trip around the world. Not just one trip. They can probably take 3, 4 trips around. – No kidding. What an overnight fortune. – Excuse me. So that means Mr. Jang is a goner, right? You can’t win against money, after all. Mr. Maeng is a bit clumsy, but he’s way better than that selfish guy. Oh! – Good morning. – Good morning. Sorry I’m late. You are a special employee. You can come and go as you like. – So how’s the hotel life? – The beds are too soft to sleep on.

– The floor is the best for me. – Don’t say something like that. You are a billionaire now. You should get a huge mansion. Leave it to me. – So, world travelling for honeymoon? – What? What? I heard you already got engaged to that overnight millionaire. I won’t forgive you if you spread false rumors like that. What’s the matter? These days, you have to be cool when breaking up. Fine. Just give me an order, then. – How about at my apartment tonight? – Fine. One more glass. Finally I feel like I can breathe. Hey. Why the long face? Cheer up! How about it? One last dance? – Okay. – Good. I called you a bunch of times, but you didn’t answer. Right. When I come back home from walking the dog… my wife will… she will… Is it In-suk? No, it’s Gwang-hui! Hey, Maeng! – Oh! – What are you doing? Get it together! How long were you here? Hey, be careful. You might go crazy like this. I was daydreaming about being broke.

After I use up all the money as planned, I’m going to marry Ms. Gwang-hui. – What? Gwang-hui? – Yes. Come with me. I’ll show you something nice. Huh? Where are you going? Even if we part ways here, I’ll have no regrets. Just a perk of being a man. We have nothing to lose from a break up. Come tomorrow night, some other girl will be in my arms like you are right now. – What? – Don’t get angry. You are the one who dumped me. Who says I’m marrying that Maeng? That’s what the rumors say. You see them, right? Hey, you were just tempted by the money, right? – A little. – See? But I was going to trick him and make him dump all that cash into Han river. That’s not nice, is it? Let’s just take the money for ourselves. For us! Here. Oh, I’m dizzy. Hey, come down now! Are you hurt? No? This is related to the CEO, so don’t get me involved in this. I don’t care. Hey, wait. Mr. Sun-jin. You came in soaked last night. You just fell unconscious. You became a billionaire, but you are lonely. Is that it? A daughter of boarding house owners isn’t even worth your time, huh? Is that it? – Ms.

In-suk… – Stop. No, Ms. In-suk. Will you… Will you marry me? Do you mean it? Really? This is the biggest financial crisis our company has ever faced. If only Hong Kong Trading Company had paid us as agreed… Director, can you do something about those debt sharks out there? I mean… I can’t really do anything. – We are 100 million hwan in debt. – Yes. There’s no other way. We have to borrow from Maeng. Go get him for me. But today… – You caught a cold. – Yes. – He’s not here yet. – Oh, okay. Oh, right. Come listen. We’ll throw a congratulatory party for him tonight. – Oh, you mean sucking up to him! – What’s with that language? Congratulations! Long live Maeng Sun-jin the billionaire. In this fine season of blooming flowers and tall grass I’m here to deliver words of greetings and good will. They say that one must learn to discern good people. With that said, when I saw – Maeng here. – Dear! I mean, Mr. Maeng, I could surely see his good character.

Thank you. Like a shooting star in the heaven, Mr. Maeng, the overnight millionaire, rose to the top of the industry. As the CEO of the company he’s working at, I am thrilled, as are all my employees. Now, the sales director will speak. In recognition of all the hard work by Mr. Maeng, the director will state all his achievements. The greatest achievement of Mr. Maeng in the sales department – Yes. – is with Hong Kong Trading Company. – Please, have some. – He successfully made the deal, bringing light to our company in its time of trouble. His character is admirable. He truly is a giant in the business world of Korea. – Yes. – Good, good. – That room over there. – Yes. This way. – Please wait here. – What? What did you say to me? – Just wait here. – Yes, yes. Oh, dear. Mr. Maeng, can I talk to you? Come out here. Huh? Go on. – Excuse me. – He’s coming. – Mr. President, the money is here. – Yes, yes. – Hello, Mr. Maeng. – Hello. Hello! – I’m sorry. – Sorry? – As for the money, no. – No? A message came from America. That money isn’t for you.

– So it’s for a different person? – Yes, someone else. – Lady, you tricked me! – I’m sorry. – What? It’s a different person? – Mr. Maeng? What now? So you’ve been using someone else’s money all along? – That was terrible of you! – Let’s see what’s up. Wait, what happened? – Director, what happened? – You are asking me? – This is bad. Real bad! – No wonder it felt funny. – I don’t know what to say, president. – That doesn’t solve anything! Well, I’m not sure. I knew it! Have I ever been wrong in judging a person? – How much is the food anyway? – Dear, stay cool. Yeah, I know. Hey! Who told you to bring that? Take those back! – You morons! – Take them away! You want to see me go bankrupt? Let’s go. I’m sorry. – Mr. President, you have a call. – A call? Give me that. – I’m sorry. – Yes, it’s me. – Gosh, it’s like a drama. – I knew something was off. – Hong Kong Trading Company was a fraud? – What… Wang ran away? What? An international con man? – Oh, no! It’s over. – Anyway, you go now.

Okay. We’re done for. Finished! Dear, what happened? It’s all because of him! Where did he go, anyway? – I can’t believe this is happening. – Oh, there you are. Maeng, you scoundrel! Because of you, I’ll go bankrupt. You ruined me! Who’s going to take responsibility? Huh? Who? Nothing to say, huh. – Ow… my head. – Dear! Hands off! Ow… the anemia. Letter of Resignation Director, please… Accept this. I’ve caused a lot of trouble. Hey, get lost before you get beaten to death. – Hey. – Yes? – Isn’t that guy kind of weird? – His eyes have been funny since then. Mr. Maeng. – Well, that was anticlimactic. – That’s why I’m resigning now. Huh? But you don’t have to quit. But I feel sorry and embarrassed. Mr. Maeng. Focus on your future. Cheer up. I have no future now. Only my funeral. Oh, In-su. You’ve been… – Man, look at that guy. – He was a fraud, after all. That’s right.

Looks like Mr. Maeng isn’t coming home easy tonight. They are so loud. We can’t live like this. All because of that fraud! Look! The entire house is a hopeless mess! What are you going to do? Are you going to kick Maeng out? Otherwise, we’ll leave ourselves! – What do you want me to do? – Dad… I’ll go out and find Mr. Maeng. – Go over those jars, then. – The jars? – Sheesh… – Yikes! Be careful stepping over them.

Oh, God! Go on quickly. – Dear! – What should we do? – You bastards! – Go! Hurry! – What is this, a political riot? – What’s wrong with them? I’m so sorry! – Sun-jin! – Where are you going? You are in big trouble! Hurry! The authorities are currently looking for Mr. Maeng’s whereabouts. Mr. Maeng has been ordered to return all the money that hasn’t been deposited. A regular office worker became a millionaire overnight, and then became poor again. His story is truly an absurd mix of modern comedy and tragedy. Also, here is a message from the authorities: Anyone who received money from Maeng Sun-jin, please return the amount to your local police station. Hiding it or making a false report on it will result in a criminal charge. – Oh no! This is terrible! – I shouldn’t have gone to the hot spring. – Serves you right. – What did you say? – Come out! Hurry! – We should leave now. What should we do? In-suk, I’m as good as dead now. There’s no way out.

Sun-jin, there’s always a way. Have courage. – It’s all over. – Hurry… Brother! What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you ashamed of skipping classes? Over there! – Yuck, the smell! – But this is the safest spot. My heart is beating like crazy. Sun-jin, try not to blame yourself. I’m so sorry. I’ve caused you all this trouble. I want to cherish you just as you are. Seeing you in pain like this hurts me too… Without your kindness, I would have died already. – I’m happy. – All because of that money… I almost lost a kind woman like you. From now on, please don’t let go of me. Okay? I never thought I’d go through something like this in my life.

Maeng or Kong or whatever. Doesn’t he seem a bit dumb? Dumb or smart, how should I know? Where has In-suk run off to? Why isn’t she coming back? Hey, In-suk! When I start a new life in my hometown, I’ll come back for you. I want to live in the countryside where the air is clean. Gosh, I’m so sick of money. But if save enough money again, I’ll buy land. That’s right. Land, stream, sea, great fields… Ages have passed by on this great farmland where our ancestors lived Even when the land changed, the busy hands of farmers have always been there. If I am to return to the embrace of the beautiful mother nature, I’d have to become a changed man first.

Though it’s far less glamorous than being a sales employee of Geoseong Industry. Okay. So I would have to change how I dress as well. How do I look? Good? Oh, my! Stepping on the ground on bare feet feels amazing. I never knew this! Sun-jin. I want to walk around Myeongdong dressed like this. People would think I’m crazy, right? Honestly, they are the crazy ones. All those fancy make-ups and clothes, like slaves of fashion. Walking in their clunky heels. Wandering about here and there. They are the ones who are crazy. Moo~ You must be hungry! I was busy talking that I haven’t made you lunch yet. Wait just a minute. Noon has already passed! What’s the delay? Sheesh… Hold on. Did she get sick of this country life and go back to Seoul? Of course not! I need to stop doubting. Honey! Dear! Dear! Careful! It’s not just your body anymore.

– Yeesh! Others will make fun of us! – That’s okay. Here. Honey, be careful. Careful! Don’t drop it. Careful. Honey, don’t make me eat the whole thing again. Hey, I’ve carried this before. – Eyes to the front! – This is nothing… – Oh, gosh! What should we do? – I saw this coming. I spent so much time making this… – Honey, get the spoon! – My rice. Rice! Is it that good? It is. Ureok bulgogi can’t compare to this. Here. You try it too. I never knew that eating in the fields would taste so good.

– Slowly, slowly. – Slowly, slowly. Eating at a place like this is nice. My digestion problem is gone too. No stomach problems either. I got my healthy appetite back. Also, the Yang energy… – Yang energy… – What is ‘Yang energy’? Let’s just eat. Yeah, let’s just eat some more. This is actually really fun. Of course! It’s a great back exercise too. It’s really not so bad, feeding ourselves like this. I wonder why all those confused people cram into Seoul for no reason. Dear, I’m so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life in a place like this. Really? Ouch! What is this? Oh, no! It’s a leech! – It’s okay. It’s okay. – It’s sucking my blood. I’m going to die! If we are going to live in the countryside, it’s not always going to be sweet and pretty like this. When your hair turns white and I’m over seventy, maybe we’ll still have the spark of love. Let’s wait and see. Gosh! I think I’m going crazy! You old geezer. Why are you angry this time, huh? Say something! What’s with all this fuss, you old woman? Fuss? What fuss? Thinking about that president’s daughter? That’s why you can’t even eat? What’s with that sigh! If you really hate seeing me, just let me die! Just let me die! Let you die? Ha! All must die when they get old.

All must die when they get old? Die? That old good-for-nothing! Dear! Sheesh… Gramps, what’s with that bowl? Why do you wear that all the time? – My head gets hot! – Yeah, right! Where are you going now, you old rat? I used to run from money back then. Now I’m chased by this old thing? My gosh! – Old? – You heard me right. Yeah, and you must be so young. So young! – So young! – Ha! Serves you right. – Oww! – Why don’t you die right there? You used to pick off leeches from my legs when we were young. – Ow, ow… – Are you really hurt? – Such a drama queen, you! – Ugh! Where? Here? A kiss? A kiss? Get out of here, you old man! Well, no money is coming my way now. It’s all just a daydream! But me being your faithful wife is not a daydream! No, it’s not! – Are you cold? – Yes, I am…

Here… Out of the way! Order! Move aside! – Out of the way, please. – Hold still. – There’s nothing to see here! – This phonograph is all you want? – What’s the matter? – You must come to the police station. What did I do wrong? – We’ll talk at the station. – Oh, what should I do? – Uh, and you too, ma’am. – Yes… – Just leave now! – Lying won’t do you any good. Serves you right. No, I visited Cheonan for a relative’s funeral.

I’m not lying. Can you just let me slide? Regardless, you have to come too, ma’am. And you as well… bring that phonograph with you. Will everyone leave now? Please, leave! Out of the way. – Folks, where is Mr. Maeng? – Did the money arrive? – Yes, yes! – Okay, let’s go! The fortune returns. It turns out that the 20 billion hwan is indeed Mr. Maeng’s. Apparently, the American bank made a mistake. Please write to me when you arrive. The police will find out, then. But it’s not all your fault, is it? So I’m sure things will turn out fine. I’ll wait. – Be careful! – You too. – Mr. Maeng! – Where is he? – Mr. Maeng! – Stop right there! – Mr. Maeng! – This is your money! Sun-jin! They say the money is yours! – Sun-jin! – You can’t fool me anymore! Please, just leave me alone now! Us Americans made a mistake. Please, catch Mr.

Maeng. – That’s right. Let’s go after him! – Let’s go! Chase him! – Hurry! – Let’s go. – Mr. Maeng! – Stop the train for a second! Buy juice and soda here! – Yes, sir! – This, please. Get your ice-cold soda and juice here! – A slice of sponge cake, please. – Sure. Here’s your sponge cake. Get your soft sponge cake! – How much? – That’d be 150 hwan. Get your soft sponge cake! – Uh… – What? You are telling me you have no money after opening the bottle? – I’m in a bad situation… – You’ve gotta be kidding me. I’m the one who’s in a bad situation. Not you! – I can’t believe this guy! – I’m sorry. Sheesh. Rotten luck today. What the heck. Seriously. Get your soft… – Mr. Maeng! – Stop! Stop the train, please! You think I’d fall for this again? Not a chance! Looks like Mr. Maeng can’t believe that his fortune has returned.

But this time, he is a billionaire for sure. Who knows? We are no strangers. Perhaps he’ll toss me a million just as when he was tossing money around. The question is, how will our Mr. Maeng spend that much money? And where? Well, what would you do if you were in his shoes? The End .

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