(ENG) [#X-Kisses] Seo Hyun Jin ♥ Eric, Brick Kiss & Bed Scene | #AnotherMissOh | #Diggle

July 11, 2019

Are you coming home now? You can at least say “Hi” Are you seeing that guy again? – Yeah – You’re so weak How can you go back to a guy who dumped you like that? Whoever it is, I need someone right now Or my heart will burst and I’ll die! A**hole… You! You! Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me! Remember eating pork with your parents? Yeah It was nice Your mom put a piece of pork in my rice bowl Just tell me Every meal, I will put meat, kimchi, everything in your rice bowl Can I take this out? Please keep pressing it Nice to see you, too It would’ve felt unfair if I was the only one who was hurt It’s really nice to see that you’re hurting, too But these are my real feelings I got sick of trying to stop myself from holding you in my arms No It can’t be I liked him first I begged him to like me A**hole…

I don’t know why I kept things to myself Why did I tense up over the little things? I said a lot of things to you that weren’t my true feelings Throughout my life I’ve never let my feelings just go free I was so confused when you recklessly pushed your way into my heart But… I liked it That touched my heart Thank you Me, too I said let’s go somewhere nice This is the best place While living there I thought I was going to die of frustration every night How could you do nothing when you obviously knew I liked you? I was so pissed off every night But…

How can this guy go to sleep? Do you think I did? Kiss! Kiss! Right now I’ve never been so relaxed and happy in my whole life The time we spent together, crying tears and laughing On the last day of our lives I think we’d look back on those times and say this… “Everything was perfect” .

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