Make Money With Forum Marketing

November 29, 2018

Forum marketing tends to be one of the less used online marketing methods employed by beginners to internet marketing. Most inexperienced internet marketers who claims to be having a hard time promoting their business don’t have a stuctured program of forum marketing. That may be because it does take a bit of descipline to keep at it consistently. Also the rewards may not be instant. I’ve had the experience where I joined a forum and within a very short time I was earning real money from my forum signature. But that is not the overwhelming norm, you usually need to establish a reputation for yourself which of course take a little time.

Here’s how to make money on internet Forums:

You must develop a reputation! That’s it. That’s the key to earning money using online forums. Don’t advertise outright to your fellow forum members. This kind of behaviour is frowned upon and is usually counter-productive. You can even get banned from some forums if you do this. Instead, engage forum members in stimulating discussions, look for threads posted by people looking for help or answers to questions; do some research and post a nice reply that not only solves the persons problem but is also conversonal.

Use the person’s name (or username), personalize everything you say, everytime. Whether you are responding to a thread or creating your own; engage people in a conversational manner. Once you do this every single time you post to the forum (which should be at least once a day) you will develop a good reputation with your fellow forum members in no time.

Listen to me now, and believe what i’m about to tell you…some of the most willing buyers you’ll ever find are right there in those forums. People are much more likely to buy from someone that they feel they know. In-fact the people will buy things that they would not normally buy elswhere simply because its being offered by you; yes ‘you’. Once you are offering something, they’ll be interested. And that’s an undeniable fact.

Once you’ve developed your reputation, you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

You also want to consider getting a forum syndication software such as ‘Forum Fortunes’.

Stop thinking! Get moving, start makng money with online forums now.

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