Making Money from blogging: Is it true or just a hype,

November 30, 2018

Many bloggers think that making money online is the easiest and quickest method ever created.

This is only hype; the reality is very much different. I am sure you have read a lot about those so called “internet gurus” who claim that they made millions from blogging. If this was true, no one would ever thought of taking an office job or study hard for any career. Please do not feel depressed by my “pessimistic” comment, because reality sometimes hurts.

My comment above were intended as wake up call to those many internet wannabe entrepreneurs, they have to be realistic in their goals and they need to know what they are getting into, before wasting their time and hard earned money.

Money does not grow out of trees, we all need to work hard to earn it, and sometimes despite our hard work there are setbacks, but diligence and persistence should always be the inner engine if we truly believe in what we are aiming for. This, in fact applies to anything in life not just money or business.

Despite the warnings above, can someone still make money and make a living out of the blogging, The simple answer is yes, provided you have something to sell to your visitors.

Several ways of making money online do exist but the choice of which method to use depends with each and every individual. The idea behind making money is to support you and be able to live a decent life.

You will also need to set aside a number of hours every day according to the amount of money you wish to make.

Here we are talking about legal and ethical ways of generating money, there many other ways that are illegal on the net claiming they can provide solutions for ever single problem on earth, even they can achieve world peace of 9.99 USD per download. No!! we are not taking about these types of operations; our focus instead is on quality blogs.

First thing to consider before joining this long list of to be bloggers, is deciding on your niche, what you know, what is your expertise, your experience both personal and professional and how people can benefit from it.

Second, once you define that niche, you should start some research on it, by answering few simple


Answering the above questions is a must before embarking on your journey of blogging. Once you answer the above questions, establish your blog by creating unique, honest content that should add value and make your visitors experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Be realistic in your expectation, because everything in life requires adequate time to grow, and that applies to your blog as well. You need time to make it grow and gain targeted web traffic, and get the trust of the visitors. Once you reach there, you have many methods of gaining money.

Advertising is one of the methods mostly used by bloggers, most use Adsense, and the most established blogs use their inventory directly to advertisers.

Another method is affiliate marketing, here you have to be careful on what product you are promoting and make sure it is a legitimate product and is well tested. If it is not, it can do more harm to your blog than the few dollars you might gain.

Another source is joint venture as well as writing for other blogs or create your own digital book that can be sold to other users.

Remember you cannot reach this level overnight, you need to allocate time and energy to enhance your blog, get web traffic, and loyal visitors and earn their trust.

The other way in which one can earn money online is by writing articles. There are very many sites that pay writers for supplying them with articles. Different sites have different specifications for their articles. Article writing is not as easy as people think and you have to make your articles as interesting as possible so that people can enjoy reading them. The payment for these articles is made according to the agreement with the writer. Some site will pay you according to the number of articles that you write while others will suggest an offer for a certain number of articles and if you like the offer you take it. Some other sites will pay you according to the number of visitors who look at your articles.

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