Using Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

November 11, 2018

Companies and individuals who are put off by the restrictions of the free

hosting offerings can choose for a managed and dedicated hosting service. If

your website has complicated functionality and if you want it to have more

features, then a managed and dedicated web hosting should be your choice.

The offerings of dedicated managed services includes unlimited email

addresses. You will also have a huge storage space to store you data and a

database management system to manage it. In this setup, you can add more

functionality in your website to exploit these features.

A huge storage space is not enough. A fast bandwidth is the key for your users

to have a smooth experience accessing your website. You may need a different

bandwidth requirement if your website provides streaming data versus if your

website only provides pictures.

Small Office Home Office (SOHO) businesses can benefit greatly from this kinds

of web hosting. You can organize your business team by assigning them each

with their own email addresses. You can also share these emails to your

friends and family members.

A website that provides a streaming video service like has a

high storage and bandwidth demands. While your miles may vary, the baseline

could be 1TB of storage space. If your website is for private use, estimate

how many users will be accessing it. If your website is for the

whole world, then you have to regularly monitor the usage statistics

as it can be difficult to estimate the rapidly increasing Internet

users today.

The consideration for scalability should be at the front seat of your website’s

design and in your choice of hosting plans. Evolve or die, as the saying

goes. With scalability strategy in place, your business can choose to grow or

shrink depending on the situation. Provide back-end access to your website so

that your team can operate on your data regularly.

The dedicated web service hosting is the most common choice for most

small businesses and individuals. The service allows them to start small but

functional, and then they can chose to upgrade later. Therefore, a web hosting

company that has the required technology for these possibilities is a

smart choice.

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